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about the editor and the blog

About Sara Erb

I am Sara and I live in Tyrol, Austria. My horoscope is leo, that’s what my blog is named after (la leona). I was an fashion/lifestyle/people journalist and radio host, now I am the marketing manager of the hotel group Harry’s Home Hotels.




What I enjoy on this planet

catching the sun,
coffee breaks,
the sea,
busy working days (and the feeling after one of those days),
high heels,
long coats,
flowers (although i can’t keep them unfortunately, so it is always a short love affair),
and lots of choker round my neck.




About La Sara Leona

This blog is the individual fashion and style diary from Austrian fashion victim Sara Erb.

It is about fashion and its latest trends, style and styling tipps, style hacks, traveling, working, empowered women & well-being. It is as well a platform for my personal thoughts about trends, career and all the things I like in general. I am an aesthetician and adore everything, that has to do with design (and summer).



May it bring inspiration and positive vibes to you and spread love to all of you!