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Meine Motivation für den Blog

Understatement on my head – with pink flowers

Better overkneed than understyled – how to be controversial

Hello, lovely people!

Here’s to us ladies now:

It has been International Women’s Day lately, so still cheers to this!

We women are empowered by our independency, by our attitude, by self-confidence and self-made freedom.

We rule our own businesses, our own lifes, our own worlds.


Part of the emancipation and „femme en vogue“ deal is, that we can do and WEAR whatever we want to.

We are keener on trying unconventional styles out and following fashion trends, which might be controversial or/and provocative. Good! That is exactly, how it should be, how society should be.


Let people be, who they are and let’em dress like they feel to. No prejudice, no judging.

By being an individual part of this world,
we can inspire so many people.
By following, we don’t.
The real Lion King is a SHE, remember? So be one, babes!


For this look, I also chose a controversial styling. Cute prints & sexy overknees? OH YES!

Fact is:
Better be overkneed than understyled, girls!
That is how you rock the road 😉




Cute prints & sexy overknees

You might have noticed, that cute prints just like unicorns or watermelons are a big thing on tees or pullovers.

So for this look, I styled
an oversized pullover with a smiling rainbow on it
– the cute part –
with black tights and suede/vinyl overknees
– the controversial part.


This year, overknees are still very trending, so cheers to all the clever fashionista ladies, who have invested in a pair of this trend item. I combined the cute pullover and the sexy shoes with a black, cozy teddycoat and a hat with sewn-in golden letters, which say „Sara“, on it. #saymyname

Last, but not least, I decided to grab my black Moschino mini bag – for the glam factor, you know 😉


So be proud to be a woman and wear, whatever you want! Rock the road by being controversial. Why? Because we can.

All my love and Happy International Women’s Day again!




My Top10 Looks & Trends from 2017

The year 2017 is over and it is time to look back at all the happenings, the Yays and the Nays and – for sure the most awesome styles and the best trends from my point of view! You’ll find this article in the section „Challenges“ as well, because life is challenging (fact).

Another thing, you should know:

You’ll see the trend material leather, fake fur coats and jackets as well as highwaisted styles very often in my Top10, because they have been trending the whole year

and I like those trends very well (obviously, if I wore them all year long lol).





My biggest Yay in 2017 was definitely in June, when I have founded my blog. I had the idea, because friends always said, I should totally run a blog, it would be ’so me‘ (they hit it – it is true lol). By the time, more and more people on the streets asked me, if I was a blogger (Serious! Couldn’t believe this either the first times), and I got highly motivated to just try this out.

It was a perfect tool for writing about what I am passionate about – fashion –

so I could focus more on other topics as an editor for a weekly newspaper and stop putting fashion content into EVERY article (my boss was happy about this fact indeed).

I am still super happy, that I founded La Sara Leona and I am already excited, what the new year may bring!





Well, my Nay of the year took place at the beginning of 2017 and was about a lost love. We have been together for quite long, so it was a tough time separating and finding myself again.

But well, lovers come and go…

The most important thing is to love yourself and be happy and content (!) with yourself. Women empower anyway. We stand our grounds and are self-confident and strong, I love seeing this happen in society (this is a Yay now by the way).




My Top10 looks from 2017

#1 / Fake it, Baby! Fake piercings – summer’s hype

In summer, fake piercings were totally hyped and I totally loved that, because – well, like this

I could have piercings without any pain #winwin. 


#2 / Sexy Neck: Included Choker – my fav Accessoire of 2017

Chokers ruled 2017 and they look very sexy on our beautiful necks. Did you know, boys love love love necks? I guess, with chokers even more. I found a top with an included choker at Zara’s here and styled it with a faux fur jacket, net tights (also a trend!!!) and highwaisted leather skirt.

I let the net tights be visible above, because I like this styling. #noexplanationneeded


#3 / Baroque Romance: Embroidery

Baroque Romance has been an autumn thing this year. I love this look here, cuz it appears like a softball in rosé in my opinion.

The embroidered highwaisted (what else?) skirt made out of tulle is an obsession by itself.

With the faux fur jacket in rosé you don’t even need a top.


#4 / Yellow fellow: Yellow – yet to come in spring 2018!

Yellow is on the Go for spring 2018, this has been already made clear on the B&&B convention in Berlin. So I styled my hip individualized Nike Air in yellow with a yellow croptop, highwaisted (you see, I can’t without) trousers with belted waist and leather jacket (#permatrend).


#5 / Show your shoulders! Ruffled Offshoulder Croppies (and waist belt and teddy coat)

It has been the year of „Carmen“ – the off- or one-shouldered blouse or top style, preferably with ruffles. And this thing with ruffles was hunting us 2017.

I love ruffles, because they make a look sexy but still feminine.

But now it is enough with ruffles, please. Thanks.


#6 / Gold digger: Metallic gold

Not to forget THIS trend now: METALLIC everywhere. I am into sparkly or shimmering things anyway, so why not dressing up with a gold foil body? I couldn’t find a reason for not doing this either, so here is my metallic gold inspired look

– with golden embroidered hat with my name on and golden sewn-in stitches in the coat.


#7 / Crop it like its hot! cropped Sweater – in winter’s trend colour red

Oh yeah, another permatrend this year: Red ruled the cold season. In autumn, it was very likely to wear cropped sweaters in red.

The fashion industry currently has a thing with cropped tops and highwaisted trousers obviously.

I styled the sweater with – surprise – leather jacket and highwaisted leather skirt. And with velvet boots (another trend!).


#8 / Do it yourself: My self-designed sweater

Uh, that was a big and cool thing for me 2017. My slogan and my artist name on clothing. Life goal achieved. Remember:

„The real Lion King is a SHE.“
– La Sara Leona –


#9 / Soft and cozy: Velvet Vibes with Metallics

Here we go, the velvet trend. Some love it, some hate it, I obviously love it.

It is cozy for winter and the Royals wear it for ages, so why not?!

Again, I styled it with a metallic top (#retrending) and velvet/leather boots. That was my XMas look, if you remember :-*



#10 / Sassy Shoes: Vinyl Overknees – 2017’s trend shoe

Oh yeah, number 10 is for the fashion rulers! Overknees were the hyped shoes in 2017 – preferably in vinyl and red (I know, what you think now).

In Tyrol, it is a thing of impossibility to wear red vinyl overknees without getting excluded from church, so I decided to choose vinyl overknees in black.

(I know, the difference is from minor existence, but at least…. right?)

Love them or hate them, I don’t care, because I am so damn into those shoes, I would defend them like a child (must be ‚la leona‘ in me haha).

Oh, and I styled them with a ruffled blazer. #ruffles


Happy New Year!

So this were my Top10 looks of the year, including the coolest trends and the most discussed ones (choker – from SM/stands for feminism and self-empowerment, fake piercings – „either real or nothing“, vinyl overknees – compared with domina looks/too sassy/controversial).

I think, fashion should and actually HAS TO be controversial. Like this, people get a voice through fashion and can express their opinions and mindsets with clothing. #protestaporter


I wanna thank you all for supporting me with so much love on my blog and on social media! I wish you a happy new year 2018 and I hope, that it will be as awesome as this one.


If you have any wishes for 2018 – what content you wanna read, what styles you wanna see, what you’d like to be changed on the blog – let me know! I am happy for any source of advice!







My OFFLINE experience: One day without my phone

I always have my phone in my hand, I am addicted, I admit that. I feel save with my phone. Accessible. But therefore I am always on duty. Without a break. Always checking, what’s on. Hello, addicition 2.0.

So you might can imagine, what a shock it was for me, to sit in my car, almost reaching Innsbruck, already 60 kilometres away from home – realizing that my phone isn’t with me. I forgot it at home (I have to say, that the sheer fact, that I FORGOT my phone, is actually a wonder. Something I never thought, would happen. Anytime. But it happened.)

Alright, I sat in my car, trying to still guiding the car properly and to NOT freak out. That went well. I just thought: „Alright. Take it as it comes.“

One day without my phone? Challenge accepted.





Bye, WhatsApp, Social Media, GPS, reminders and mails

I realized quite quickly, that I really totally rely on my phone. And that this little cute thing helps me pretty much during the day. That starts in the morning with the Alarm (thank God, that I had my phone for this). Then I listen to music in my car via my phone. Okay, I could do that, because I still use my old phone as a music player. But that is all, my old phone is capable of. It can’t even connect with WIFI (Trust me, I tried it all).

I have lots of appointments somewhere in the city. For finding locations I often use GPS. Not on this special day yaaaay.

I felt like playing paper chase.

I get quite a lot of mails during the day, so I am checking my mail account every hour. Not this day, my loves. I am out of duty – forced to.





The feeling

I had an appointment at 11am, at 12.30pm and then at 14.30pm. As usual, you arrange date, time and location and the appointment is set. But without my phone – my access to the world in my hands – I realized that I didn’t rely on 100 per cent on this. On planned things. Because, if you have your phone, and there is a traffic jam or something like that or you forgot to fuel up, whatever, you just grab your phone, do a quick call, let the person, you are going to meet, know, that you’ll be late for 10 or 15 mins and everything’s cool.

But without a phone… you have to be on time.

Because if you aren’t, the other person will try to call you and if you aren’t accessible, the person might search for you or just go home. PRESSURE. And it is the same turned around. If the other person is late, what will you do? You have to rely on the made plans. You have to wait.

You have to be PATIENT.
Like… for real.
No checking Insta or Facebook in the meantime.

Frankly speaking, that made me super NERVOUS.





I am not the only one

I decided to wait inside the restaurant, in case, the person I am going to meet, is already in there. She wasn’t. So I sat down at a table with sight to the entry, just in case, she’d wait out there. When she came,

she first checked the entry area and as she couldn’t see me,
she immediately grabbed her phone to call me.

Addiction everywhere. I felt better. I ran out to make her see me. The first meeting went great without my phone.





How to call someone without a phone

For my third appointment I had to arrange something in advance, which would have required A PHONE. Bad thing, that my pretty golden iPhone enjoyed its day off at home. Thank God, the person I met at 11am borrowed me her phone. Otherwise I would have had to ask random people on the street hahahaha #notfunny.

But that was the only cheating, I did in this challenge. And it was a work call, that is forgivable, right?





More phone junkies

For my second appointment I for sure was super on point again, for the reasons, I explained. We met in front of a building with two accesses (great). So I sited myself in the middle of both. Shortly before the person, I was going to meet, came out the building, I met an old friend and had a quick chat. And in the angle of my eyes I saw my meeting person walking down the stairs,

doing a quick check for me and
then immediately grabbing his phone for calling me.

 Addiction everywhere AGAIN. When this happened in the first meeting, I felt better, because I saw, that relying on the phone is a pretty common thing.





We don’t trust anymore

On this second time, I started to think about this addiction, we all don’t really realize.

We rely so much on our phone,
that we don’t rely on the people around us anymore.
We don’t trust us anymore.


Not just when making plans or appointments, this is one thing. And I am honestly annoyed by all the WhatsApp groups, who try to come to a point, but are filled with senseless and uninformative content and with sentences like „We’ll see“ or „I’ll check that out later“ or „Maybe I come as well“ or „I’m not quite sure, if I can, but I’ll let you know“ or

my favourite after texting for two hours:
„Let’s decide that spontaniously“.





No time, no trust:
We project this habits on our relationships

But also in relationships. Remember the shitstorm due to the „Read“-button on WhatsApp and Facebook and Insta? That caused quite a lot of fights in relationships, because honestly: How dare he reading our messages and not writing back? „That is ignorant!“ „He doesn’t like me anymore!“ Or maybe he just had no time to reply, how about that?

We get more and more impatient and can’t stand it to wait.

The „Read“-button should have shown us that. Instead we were blaming everyone else, who read messages and didn’t reply immediately. Immediately… Did you realize, how often I used this word for this topic?

We rush around and don’t notice our surrender anymore.

We are indeed zombies! Which leads me to my next finding: SEEING.





I SEE the world. Literally.

My third appointment was for an article about a party on a mountain pasture. By the way, therefore I had to arrange things in advance – a shuttle-service up, because I honestly hadn’t the time (and will) to climb mountains with camera equipment and other editor’s essentials for hours. Alone. Without a phone. This could have just ended in the worst way imaginable.

I drove up there to the meetig point WITHOUT GPS (so proud, that I found everything), but there wasn’t anyone. So well,

I had no phone and I had no person with a phone in sight. So I sat down and waited.

And strenghtened my belief in God, that everything will work out.


And as I sat there, waiting for this shuttle-service, I looked around (Whatelse should I do?) and I saw the world. I realized, that it was actually quite warm, but sometimes little wind bows came across and waved my hair, so that I felt it on my cheeks. I saw lovely flowers growing on the edge of the street. I felt the sunbeams on my forehead. I felt that my knees hurt from the change from high heels to sneakers. I realized (with shock), how people parked their cars. I counted them. I heard birds sing and OMG I didn’t realize this for ages, I think!





Fear of the lack of online presence

Sometimes little nervous thoughts crossed my mind, thinking of who might call or text me or thinking of my lack of presence on Insta. No story for one day.

People might think I am dead.
Ironic, because the opposite happened.
I really felt alive!


And I realized that I got more relaxed minute by minute, hour by hour. That is better than Yoga.

By forgetting my phone at home,
I bought myself the entry ticket to another world.
To our real world.


How could it happen,
that a virtual world
is more our home
than the real world?





Face-to-face communication – a rare thing

The shuttle-service came and suddenly there were also people. Funny, I was so focused on nature and the birds and on my minds, that I didn’t realize them.  We sat in the shuttle and

I had a lovely chat with the children,
I probably had never had with my phone in company.


We arrived up there, I did my job and had lots of lovely conversations, while observing everything around me.

It was such an intense experience.
I smelt and felt and saw so much more.





Real vs. virtual – Guess who has won?

That might sound totally exaggerated for you, but I realized that I never notice things with all my senses. I notice where I have to go or be. I notice people’s faces and voices. I notice the traffic lights and signs on the street. I notice it, when someone calls my name. But focusing on everything that is happening RIGHT NOW just next to me, WHERE I ACTUALLY AM – that’s a thing I barely do. I guess most of us don’t.

Usually we are connected with the world.
With everyone from everywhere,
but not
with the people right next to us.
How complex!





The Walking Alive

I felt seriously recovered and decided to walk the way down with friends I met up there on the mountain. We had a lovely talk (again! Communication on the Go!), which I might hadn’t had, because I would have been busy doing stories and posting where I am. Writing this makes me realize, how sick this actually is.

The way down was through the woods and I tried to inhale all the fresh scents with all the power of my nose. I felt so happy and totally not stressed. Someone wants to reach me? Hm, I cant’t pick up or write back now, I am OFFLINE. And I like it. I really set my mind free and felt so free and not under pressure with „You have to“ and „Call me“ and „Call me back, it is urgent“ or with replying messages, doing stories, posting on social media and reading the News or „Latest trends“.

On this day I had time
for me,
for the people, I have REALLY been with and
for the places, I have ACTUALLY been.






Two hours is better than the whole day

When I came home, I for sure immediately grabbed my phone (thahaha that was clear). 9 missed calls, 10 WhatsApp messages from 4 chats, 3 text messages, 6 new mails, 11 Facebook notifications and around 80 Instagram notifications.

Hello, old life. It took me two hours to call and write everyone back. Well… two hours is better than the whole day, right?

Oh, and for sure I immediately did a Insta-story and let the world know the reason for my absinence.





Challenge done! Conclusion: OFFLINE is possible

For sure a phone-free LIFE ISN’T possible anymore nowadays.

I missed one spontanious meeting and the friday night plans of my girls.

But a phone-free DAY IS indeed possible!

And I will for sure do this again. Consciously. I am willing to have days off. Real off. Not just out of duty and no working off. But off-off. (You see, how I creative I am by the fact of not having the stress due to a phone presence and the duty of replying? I even create neologisms!)




Therefore: Thanks for reading, but better put your phones away now, guys.

Happy off-off-day! (I have to patent this lol)




PS: In case, that you wonder: The pictures you see in this article, were made one day after. Because a) I had no phone during this „OFFLINE experience“ and b) by the time, I got home and had my phone again, it was already dawn.



Power, strength & independency: PINK as an understatement!


Some say, autumn is the beginning of the grey days of the year, but actually autumn is beautifully colorful with all its red, orange and yellow leaves. So who said, this time is gonna be boring?

We have such a lovely weather these days, which is great for me, because the nicer the weather, the more I am into wearing pretty cool stuff (When we have minus degrees in Austria, I like to wear cozy and snuggly stuff – I guess, everyone does). Although Red is the trend color of the season, I chose a PINK elevator Piece for this look, which symbolizes much more than we would expect from a bright colored fashion piece.

And statements are trending.
The obvious as much as the subtle ones.




Pink is for Power

Since the Women’s March girls and women all over the world are conscious of empowering themselves. Women are strong. We got the power! The world needs girls. The future is female. You can read it everywhere – and I love it. Since then the color Pink has got a total diverse meaning as it had before. It was a little girl’s color, the color of Barbie, but now it stands for women’s strength and power.

If you wear Pink now,
you wear it for a reason.
It is an understatement.


„I am strong and proud to be a woman.“


„I’m powerful & independent.
I run my world.
And I also am sensual and gracious.“



I bought this pink coat, which you see in the pictures, at Zara, and I adore it since the first day. Now even more, because

it stands for something. For us women. 

And I adore fashion with a meaning.





How I styled the pink understatement coat


The pink coat draws attention to itself. Therefore I didn’t add more colors to the look. I am wearing grey high-waisted linen trousers, which have got great movement! The trousers have a sewn-in waist belt, which underlines this part of the body and accentuates the X-silhouette, I create with this pieces.








Additionally I wore a black ruffled off-shoulder croptop with a bra, which has crossed straps at the back (I liked the style). And black ankle boots with net socks.




For the detailing,

I chose a rosé Moschino bag, opulent ear rings with sparkling jewels and a

black choker,
made of suede
with a bow and
another sparkling gemstone.  





The X-silhouette

The X-silhouette is known as the super sexy silhouette for women (see Marilyn Monroe e.g.). So by shaping my body like an X with the consciousness of doing an understatement by wearing a pink coat, I wanted to play with stereotypes and conventional habits.

I picked a top with ruffles, which stand for playfulness and cuteness, for the same reason and continued the game with opulent earrings. „Diamonds are a girl’s best friend“ really puts us into the „superficial, bribable corner“ and doesn’t make us very strategic and intelligent. Which doesn’t mean, that we shouldn’t like diamonds. But

most of us (at least I guess!) aren’t women, who
find fulfilment by
getting gifted with expensive jewelry. 


The hourglass figure stands for the classic, stereotypical female. It says, that women are beautiful and seductive. They are sensual and their physical (!) attributes are hard to resist for men.

So we women are physically great, but not more. That was the message somehow. Nice objects.
Thank God, this has changed!





Conventionally independent & physically seductive: We are both!

By wearing a pink coat, which stands for the „new“ role of women nowadays (strong, powerful, independent, the list with expressive attributes is fortunately long by now) AND combining this understatement with an X-shaped look,

I connected the
conventional independency and social worth of us women
with our
sexual and sensual attributes.






Because we are both.

We are not just seductive objects, but we aren’t just career-obsessed machines either. We are it both and that is great.











Check out my first Youtube-Video!



My first job as a stylist – how great is this business pls?!

There was so much fashion love in the air, i could barely breathe! Everyone was excited and i smelled the taste of passion in the air!

I had my first job as a stylist at the „Fashion & Fete“ in Hall in Tyrol and it was seriously hilarious. I’m still stunned.



How i got my very first stylist job

But let’s start from the beginning … I’ve got to know Geli, my boss in crime, as we would say, in her shoe shop a while ago and she was very into my outfit :-D. So she asked me what i am doing, if i’m working in the fashion biz and i agreed and told her, that i just finished courses in styling at the academy for fashion and design in munich. So she told me that a huge fashion show with loads of shops and their fashion is planned in Hall at the end of June.

I was so into it and even more, when she asked me, if i’d like to be her stylist for the show. She’d need someone, who’s combining her shoes with cool outfits, which present the brand in a perfect way. I said i could do that and so the cooperation started.

Geli and me before the show – sorry for the link, i forgot to save the picture before instagramming it 😀


Thoughts behind the styling

The basic look

We surely wanted to present her shoes in a cool way, cuz they just are. So we decided to choose a shirt dress in denim grey. It fits to really everything and gives the look a cool chic.

To include something trending, i wanted nettights. They are supersexy and lift the cool chic to a glam level and i love that <3 


Put in on a tablet for those eyecatching moments

So this was our basic look, because it was still all about the shoes and nothing should have stolen the shoes‘ show, you know 😉 We had the idea to present some of the shoes – those with colourful heels for example – on a tablet. So the models could present the shoes on them itselfs by wearing them and on a tablet putting them in the whole flash lights of the night.



We had a drag queen for modeling – yaaaay!

The best thing was: Geli knows a drag queen and – because we a) wanted to be special and b) wanted to do an understatement and support the LGBT scene, because it is really time for that, we asked „Vanessa Community“ to rock the runway for our fashion show. For sure she said yes and we styled her in the most eyecatching and great way ever. She went at first, because we knew, this would bring immediate attention to the show.

She wore a red sequin dress and black shoes (her own ones though) with a curly red wig, which she made all by herself and remembered me of Medusa somehow (it was awsm!).

She had lilac make-up on (we said lilac would fit to red AND green – her second outfit) and she presented a red snake leather shoe with a pointy front on a tablet. People loved it!

Her second outfit was a black sequin dress with a curly green wig, those black shoes and a green/yellow/blue leather boot on the tablet. She got the most showy look possible and we created her look in a decent, but drag queen way.

She was eyecatching anyway, so i said, it would be the best to play not too much with colours and match the outfit with the shoe in one and the same colour to not risk an visual overload 😀

 This is Vanessa Community with fashion show presenter Alfons Haider.
Ain’t she looking gorgeous?? <3



Fitting time is fun time!

You see this whole mess there?! 😀 I didn’t photoshop it on purpose, because i wanted to give you an real insight in the preparation phase 😉


At the fitting day i got to know Vanessa and i loved her. We had so much fun creating her looks. I planned to let her run at first and at last, so she was quite important for the whole show concept. When we finished her styling and discussed how she moved and so on, i started styling the other looks. We had 6 models, so we styled 6 looks. Our fitting model was the „spring type“ and most of our models at the show were „summer types“ or „spring types“ as well, so this was good for fitting.

To pimp the looks with a extracool hit, i styled summerscarfs hanging down one shoulder.

So the model had the possibility to play with them and it gave some of the outfits the asymmetrical touch i really like.

We put each outfit in one big bag for a perfect organized show.



The big show – Swallalalaa

Here is when we were on the go to the show – excited <3


We were sooooooo nervous, because it should have rained on the day the show was and it didn’t the whole day. In Austria this means, that it will rain later and with tons of water. The show started at 8pm and was Open air and we were begging that it won’t start raining. We met our models and had a rush breathing before the show started.

Our shows song was Swalla from Jason DeRulo, because it gives you thrills and motivation and makes you feel sexy and all that is great emotion for our show. 

It – thank God – did not rain and the show was a huge success and everyone was just so into Vanessa and the looks i’ve created, i was sooo damn proud, i honestly still am!

I loved styling the show, it was a wrap! <3 <3 <3

I’m so thankful for this great experience and ready for the next one woohoo! 😉



Love to all of you!

xx Sara

PS: Sorry, i can’t show you pics from the show, i’ve been soooo busy while the show, i really didn’t think of it and wouldn’t have no time anyway. Will manage that better the next time, pinky promise :-*