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November rock: military jacket w/ torn jeans

Understatement on my head – with pink flowers

Colourise your winter with the Colour Blocking trend! #maximaCOMEPASS

Winter is beautiful. Landscapes are covered with white fluffy powder, peaks are kissed by mellow snow and we are either on white ski slopes or snuggling at home.

It is a beautiful season, but also a very colourless one.


I guess, the special guys of the season – Santa & Saint Nicholas – are dressing up all over in red on purpose. We need fire for those frosty days in winter!

So this season’s trend COLOUR BLOCKING comes perfectly on time!


You can block colours in a plain and basic way, e.g. you block two and stick to simple for the rest of the outfit.

Oooooor you exaggerate a little (like me lol) and colour your look and your life all over. Thank God, in fashion, there is no „too much“ right now due to the trend of „protest a porter“.

Therefore: Let’s cheer up and bring colour to Winter Wonder Land!




Total Colour Blocking

I admit,

when I shooted the look, it had I guess 15 degrees.
That is, because winters in Austria can be quite warm by now
(climate change, global warming etc.).


It can happen, that we have autumn weather on Christmas, but it can also be, that we freeze with minus 20 degrees.

It’s a surprise season, just like April.


So on this day (end of November), it was pretty warm. Therefore, you’ll find this outfit in the section „Autumn time!“, not „Winter time!“, because I try to go with the initial mindset of the four seasons.

Colour your life – berry, lilac & yellow with softer babyblue.


I styled a berry high-waisted culotte with a lilac pullover, which I tucked in.

Those colours are hyper blocking and I love it!

Exaggerated, but eye-catching: I colour-blocked with warm colours.



Sneaker Lifestyle

Athleisure is still a Go and though we love to wear high heels, putting sneakers on and knowing, that we are still fashionable, is a pretty cool thing.

For this reason, I added yellow Nike Air Force sneakers, which are limited edition from B&&B in Berlin

(trend pieces for spring by the way! Yellow is on the Go yaaaaay!).


They are individualised with golden shoe laces and golden piercing details. Also, they have a higher as normal sole (I guess this is due to the plateau hype). This shoe was my „Shoe of the month“ in September. Have a read to remember: http://www.lasaraleona.com/shoe-of-the-month-nike-air-force-special-edition/

Laced & pierced. This was my „shoe of the month“ in September!




Colour Blocking „en vogue“

To complete the look, I chose a babyblue blazer and a babyblue clutch with the slogan „en vogue“ on it (It is from Topshop).


I blocked the colours
berry, lilac and yellow
and defined the outfit
with a softer colour – babyblue.


Like this, you bring colour to your life, to winter and to everyone around you. Ain’t that lovely? Happy Colour Blocking!



Logo trend: Bandmania with Blazer & pimped DIY Bandtee

You know, that Logomania is ‚in‘ again and showing big statement quotes, logos and brand names

makes you en vogue and
gives you the opportunity to
deliver your mindset/message/opinion through fashion (awesome).  


While Logomania rules it, there are some subtrends coming up, that we really really love (believe me). The 80ies are back, so are band shirts! Cobain’s Grunge look styled with a Nirvana shirt? Awesome as hell.

Well, I am more the Guns ’n‘ Roses type, so I chose – imagine soft rataplan right here – a Guns ’n‘ Roses bandtee for this outfit (100 points). I dropped the bandana (sorry, Axl), because I wanted to style the look elegantly – but still cool though!


Bandshirts mostly have t
hat straight cut, that
doesn’t look sexy or cute at all,

when you wear it like this. So I had the idea to „do it myself“ to make the tee cooler…

Not showing the bandtee already. 😛


Independency is a GO these days.




DIY: Pimp your Bandtee!

I cut the neck and made it wider – so I may can also wear it one shoulder off by occassion.

Then I cut the sleeves and shortened them, so that they sticked out a little bit. This step made the tee cheekier (or actually the wearer – you know, what I mean).

And last, but not least, I shortened the length of the t-shirt. I cropped it a lot actually, because originally it was almost a tunika.

This is the result:

DIY at neck, sleeves & length.


Combined with black leather boots & bag.


Khaki matches perfectly to Guns ’n‘ Roses‘ logo with its warm colours.


With a winter coat – the blazer is still underneath.


Axl, where are thou?



Details: Gold and black

I chose a black bucket bag and lots of golden accessoires.


Choker in black.


Creoles in gold.



Combined with a blazer (and a still trending choker), the bandtee gets a glamorous touch and appears still very cool.

A cheer for this awesome decade – the decade of bandtees, Grunge and rocky styles!






Urban Gangster Chic: Hood with sewn-in Gold & Golden Body

After Black Riding Hat (the cool Red Riding Hood) may I introduce you:

Gold Riding Hood (the urban Red Riding Hood)!

Winter is up and we have to protect our pretty heads from the frosty winds out there. So what are we gonna do?

It is hat, hood & cap time!

Yasssssss, in this case hood AND cap.

And you can just win with this, as you can see here in the video:


Admit it, it is pretty cool as well as urban and Gangster and chic!

It comes even better! At the end of the article, you will see, that this outfit is

easy transformable into a spring/summer outfit.
Read all about it at the end 😉




Urban Gangster Chic

I named the look ‚Urban Gangster Chic‘, because it defines all the attributes of the look best:

The outfit spreads urban energy,
transports some gangster vibes as well
and is still very chic.

Urban Gangster Chic.




The Trend: Metallic!

Metallic pieces are super trendy and as much adorable as trendy! Even trendier is the 80ies version (trend decade) – a body! I got mine from Tezenis.


Here are some more pics of the look:

Graffiti Art on top.

Cozy vibes.











Close up.


Into urban Looks.

I love my cap with my name sewn-in – in Gold!!!











Gangsta vibes, Darling.




All GOLD, please!

As you wish! Instead of putting tons of gold chains on (typical Gangster), I integrated the gold theme in a different way – not just with accessoires, but just everywhere!

Styled one shoulder off.




What ya want?



Black Culotte & Golden Body

I styled a black basic culotte – highwaisted for sure – with a golden metallic, ultra tight body. A body is quite convenient, because it stays, where it should, no matter, what you are doing or how you are moving.

I am pro body now!

In love with that golden Body.



Long Jacket with Hood & sewn-in Golden Stitches

To the basic look I added this gorgeous long jacket with hood. It is hard to define the fashion piece, because it is everything in one.

It is:

  1. a long jacket out of wool,
  2. but it is also a hoodie in some way
  3. AND it is actually a wearable blanket (which makes it a MUST to have for winter!!).


I got it from a vintage shop from Camden Town, one of my favs there, but I don’t even know the Name of the shop, sorry, guys 😀

The best thing about this blanket-jacket (what a nice definition) is, that there are

golden stitches sewn-in, which makes the piece very special!

Blanket to wear!

Such a comfy Fashion Piece!




The Accessoires & Shoes:

Black Leather Boots – Classic Strike!



Black Leather Clutch from Marc B London with Golden Rivets



Lots of Rings – as always!



Closed up – Golden Creoles, Blue Kajal & Metallic Blue Nails!




The Walking Gangster




That is the look in motion, my loves!

So Gangster, right?

I love it!






Here’s a video:





Occasionally suitable for summer as well!!!

Okay, I know, that ACTUALLY this is a winter outfit and winter is up and summer is gone and we are not in the mood to start missing summer again, because we just stored our beautiful summer memories back there in one of our brain’s corners – at the very back.


BUT – If we skip the
(very adorable and super gorgeous)
hood aka blanket aka long jacket,
we can easily wear the look
in the early summer days or for spring as well!


Combine it with a leather jacket instead and an awesome spring/summer look is born! Tadaaaaa! See?

You could also combine the black culotte with a silver croptop like THIS ONE in this article:

Metallic chic & leopard touch: We wanna experience outer space & the power of big cats





How do you like the Gangster Sara?
What do you think about the „Gold Riding Hood“? Do you like fairytales by the way?
Would you wear a body? Yay or Nay?










Black Riding HAT, another story of Red Riding Hood… Wood & Graffiti!

A fairytale… a new version of  „Red Riding Hood“

Once upon a time, there was Sara, a young blogger, who was quite busy styling herself and writing about that.

One day, she had a shooting in the woods. It was already autumn and it wasn’t super cold, because the sun was shining, but it wasn’t warm either. To feel cozy,

she wore her beloved black hat
to protect her ears from the autumn wind and
to not have thousands of insects in her hair
after that stay in the woods. 

Next to the wood, there was a motorway, so the fairytale didn’t end up with getting lost in the wood by picking some flowers. The motorway made it clear, where she was.

Young blogger Sara never lost her way.

And neither did her grandma die. She did stick to the path and came back with lovely pictures. Thank God, she wasn’t as naive as Red Riding Hood was. But well, there wasn’t a wolf at all. Otherwise the story might had ended differently.

(See the vid, then continue reading!)


The young blogger Sara jumped around in the woods, threw some leaves over her with the black hat covered head and had so much fun in the woods! Although there weren’t any flowers, she loved it!

Here are some pics, where the Black Riding Hat is laughing:


After the shooting with lots of fun, she went home to her castle (That’s far from the original story, I know, but let’s make it more glamorous here).

Because she came home without any hassle,
she imputed her hassle-free shooting to her black hat,

which she loved to wear from that day on. It appeared to be her lucky item. A fashionable lucky item!

So the young blogger used her hat
as a tiara
and soon, the princess, who
lived in the castle as well, got to know the idea and
made a trend out of it.

So the young blogger became the princess‘ stylist and was capable of setting trends in the castle and further in the whole land.


Soon, people called her Black Riding Hat and she was known quite quickly for her great inner GPS (and due to this she never loses her way in the woods).

And she lived happily ever after – as the Black Riding Hat.

The End



Black Riding Hat’s Style

Black Riding Hat aka the Young blogger aka La Sara Leona aka me chose a high-waisted pink culotte

(Statement colour! You remember why?
Here’s the article:

with a black leather croptop, because leather is one of the trend materials of the season.

She combined the outfit with a

mustard-coloured autumn coat
with stiff collar & a straight cut. 

And on top of the look she wore her eponymous (something, that your name is dedicated to) fashion piece – the black hat made out of real wool (so the hat is seriously warm and cozy – awesome!).





Details: Leather all in!


She chose comfortable black leather boots

with a thick sole
to be able to do a walk through the woods

(Stilettos wouldn’t have been the best option right here, not even a block heel nor a wedge!).

And – because they are the It-bags at the moment – a black leather Mini bag with golden chain detail.

She topped the whole outfit with blue nail polish (oh yeah!).





Enjoy the second vid:




Not in the Woods:
Black Riding Hat goes Graffiti!

Next to the woods (okayyyyy, I admit it, it were just some trees), there was awesome Graffiti Art, so for sure I did some pictures in front of it as well:




2in1: Sunny YELLOW meets cloudy GREY – Cool by day, Slaying by night!

Yellow is for SUN! In autumn, it is often sunny with cloudy intervals. This outfit presents the weather perfectly. And it IS indeed perfect for sunny days with cloudy intervals.

This outfit is perfect for
a cool look during the day and
a slaying one at night!

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Crop it like it’s hot!

I am wearing high-waisted peg-top pants in a light Grey with a bow round my waist. The material is quite thin, so it is really just something, you can wear on warmer days in autumn. Therefore they look double awesome!

As usual, you might have noticed that already,

I always style high-waisted stuff with croptops,
because I like it, how
those 3 cm of skin between the two fashion pieces
make the whole outfit mega lit.

I chose a sunny yellow croptop, super basic, because we want the attention somewhere else 😉


Well, because it is still autumn and not superhot anymore, I styled the two pieces with a

figure-hugging leather jacket with butterfly endings.


So this is the basic look. Now I have to variations – down there on my feet! May we continue…





Yellow sneakers with extra high level!

For the day look, I styled those adorable grey high-waisted trousers and the croptop with the shoe of the month of September! Remember, which one it was?

Yes (whether you were right or not, this was rhetorical anyway), it is the personally costumized yellow Nike Air Force sneaker with extra high plateau sole!

And this shoe is matching with the yellow croptop

(incredible that I seriously found something, that matches those shoes).


So the look for the is cool & easy, but mostly super cool!











Laced leather stilettos with cut-outs!

For the after-work-look I styled the Grey trousers and the yellow croptop as well as the leather jacket with

black laced leather stilettos, which have cut-outs on the sides.


This time,

the shoe is matching with the leather jacket.


The cut-out stiletto makes the whole look very sexy and as well elegant. You appear self-confident, classy, but still cool.







Time for some beautiful GOLDEN details

The costumized Nike sneaker is designed with golden things, so I wanted to stick to that. I chose a

golden statement necklace,
golden earrings,
my beloved golden Karl Lagerfeld watch
and – as always – tons of rings.


I finished the look with a black leather clutch from Victoria’s Secret.



How do you like the outfit variations?
Which one do you prefer? Day or night look? 😉
Leave a comment!





Glamstar: Furry, mini & a sassy mixture of velvet & leather

Fake fur, mini bag & my „shoe of the month“ with the two trend materials of the season. That is, what’s waiting for you, when you scroll down…

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Fake fur …

… is soooooo trendy right now and the good thing is:

I always had a thing for
fake fur coats and jackets
(just the fake one, I am against real fur),

so my closet gets trendier every day by just being my closet. This fake fur jacket you see in the pictures though, was a kind gift from the shopping centre Sillpark in Innsbruck (thanks to that).


The greatest thing of fake fur jackets is, that they are suitable for cold autumn days (as we have them right now) AND for winter days. Additionally, with a fake fur jacket,

your style is always on peek in the most glamorous way possible.





My shoe of the month:

Black velvet boots from Glamorous

As you might have noticed, once a month I select a „shoe of the month“. This month my total favourite is my adored

black velvet
ankle boot
with leather toecap
and stiletto heel.


It is my „shoe of the month“, because:

  1. The main material is velvet, which is one of the two trend materials this season.
  2. The toecap is made out of leather, which is the second trend material of this season and seen everywhere right now.
  3. They have a very comfortable fit and you can wear them the whole night (wore them for 12 hours once!)
  4. The heel is a stiletto, which upgrades every shoe and brings glamour to your style, when you choose to wear this kind of heel.
  5. They fit to every outfit, because they seem plain. But the choice of material (velvet in combination with leather) draws attention to your feet – due to the fact that this combi is not very usual.





Mini bags – easy, but not functional

Mini bags are THE bag size at the moment, it seems. I have to say, I fought this trend a long time, because I am more the shopper girl – I always carry EVERYTHING, I MIGHT need, with me. Always. (My back is not happy about all that weight.)

At least I got a mini bag (again from the shopping centre Sillpark) and I have to say:

They are very comfortable.


You have barely anything to carry, your back feels relieved and you can walk much better in high heels, because there are no 20 kg on one side of your body (A big shopper is not easy to Balance, agree?).

BUT you also have to squeeze all your belongings in this Thing. And yes, you carry lots of stuff with you in a big bag, but if I sort out the stuff, I REALLY need, it’s not fitting in this tiny bag.

Not even a purse or a pair of sunglasses fit in there.
That’s super unfunctional.

But it looks cute and for a night out, it is perfect! The mini bag for this outfit is made out of leather (no clue, if fake or real, sorry) and has a golden chain detail, which fits perfect to my style.





Glam star! Perfect for a (zickzack) night out!

This outfit includes not just my chosen „shoe of the month“ and a hyped mini bag, but also my choice of fashion pieces for a great party outfit!

A transparent blouse with a zickzack pattern is perfect for a night out.

It draws attention to you and is simply cool.


I styled the zickzack blouse with a

fake fur jacket in Rosé, because it
underlines my teint,

and with a black leather mini bag with gold chains as details. For the bottom I chose something simple:

a plain and classic blue jeans, which I
turned up two times
to shorten the length and
leave some (attention) space for the boots.


As you already know, because it is the selected „shoe of the month“, I styled the look with those adorable black velvet ankle boots with leather toecap and stiletto heel. I decided to wear a ponytail. That is because for clubbing it is nice to not have your hair in your neck and

a ponytail always looks classy by the way.


They are so comfortable, that you can

walk selfconfidently in them and chill your base

the whole night, not worrying about your shoes (heaven!).

That is the look from the back:





How do you like the look?
Do you like fake fur jackets?
What do you think about my chosen „shoe of the month“? Do you like the velvet/leather boots?









VIDEO CLIP – #OIM – outfit in motion:

Here’s a video clip for you, so you can see the movement of the outfit:



With kind support from Sillpark, the shopping centre. Thank you!

Autumn symphony: black leather & caramel-coloured asymmetry

Trendy leather vibes with caramel on top (literally)? You can have it! And even better is: With this outfit you follow

the principle of two birds with one stone

(Let’s not discuss the etymology of those words and moralic mindset of those people, who invented this saying).


On the one hand, that is, because

leather is the trend material of the season right now

(fake leather is even better, because there’s an huge fake hype at the moment – has to do with sustainability – but that’s another topic).

On the other hand, that is, because

the colour of this top – a warm caramel –
is a typical autumn colour.





Dress to impress:
Leather & warm caramel

The combination of black leather and caramel-coloured cotton
is warm, trendy and cool.

On this very warm autumn day, I needed no jacket, so I just wore the black leather trousers,

the caramel-coloured top
with an asymmetric cut and
a high-neck fit

and black leather (again) ankle boots with a block heel.


I added a braided black leather (it won’t end, it is trend haha) belt and a black suede (I am sorry by now) choker

with a bow and golden details.
I adore this one.

To complete the look, I chose a black leather (no comments anymore) shopping bag, that shares its pattern with the block heel from my ankle boot.



To add some sparkle to the outfit, I wore my golden watch from Karl Lagerfeld.






Perfect for the teint

The good thing of autumn colours such as this caramel one is, that they underline your teint in a very positive way.

Your skin seems quite tanned, although it isn’t anymore.

(We all lose our tan, when the cold season knocks on our door – unfortunately.) That is great, because who doesn’t want to be tanned or at least look like that? Indeed noone. Because you really look fresh and healthier with tan on your skin (At least in my case it is like that).


So with colours like caramel or mustard yellow

your teint brightens up and gets a darker tone,
which let’s you appear healthier and fitter!



How do you like my look?
Autumn colours – yay or nay?
Do you agree, that tan makes you look healthier and fitter?





Power, strength & independency: PINK as an understatement!


Some say, autumn is the beginning of the grey days of the year, but actually autumn is beautifully colorful with all its red, orange and yellow leaves. So who said, this time is gonna be boring?

We have such a lovely weather these days, which is great for me, because the nicer the weather, the more I am into wearing pretty cool stuff (When we have minus degrees in Austria, I like to wear cozy and snuggly stuff – I guess, everyone does). Although Red is the trend color of the season, I chose a PINK elevator Piece for this look, which symbolizes much more than we would expect from a bright colored fashion piece.

And statements are trending.
The obvious as much as the subtle ones.




Pink is for Power

Since the Women’s March girls and women all over the world are conscious of empowering themselves. Women are strong. We got the power! The world needs girls. The future is female. You can read it everywhere – and I love it. Since then the color Pink has got a total diverse meaning as it had before. It was a little girl’s color, the color of Barbie, but now it stands for women’s strength and power.

If you wear Pink now,
you wear it for a reason.
It is an understatement.


„I am strong and proud to be a woman.“


„I’m powerful & independent.
I run my world.
And I also am sensual and gracious.“



I bought this pink coat, which you see in the pictures, at Zara, and I adore it since the first day. Now even more, because

it stands for something. For us women. 

And I adore fashion with a meaning.





How I styled the pink understatement coat


The pink coat draws attention to itself. Therefore I didn’t add more colors to the look. I am wearing grey high-waisted linen trousers, which have got great movement! The trousers have a sewn-in waist belt, which underlines this part of the body and accentuates the X-silhouette, I create with this pieces.








Additionally I wore a black ruffled off-shoulder croptop with a bra, which has crossed straps at the back (I liked the style). And black ankle boots with net socks.




For the detailing,

I chose a rosé Moschino bag, opulent ear rings with sparkling jewels and a

black choker,
made of suede
with a bow and
another sparkling gemstone.  





The X-silhouette

The X-silhouette is known as the super sexy silhouette for women (see Marilyn Monroe e.g.). So by shaping my body like an X with the consciousness of doing an understatement by wearing a pink coat, I wanted to play with stereotypes and conventional habits.

I picked a top with ruffles, which stand for playfulness and cuteness, for the same reason and continued the game with opulent earrings. „Diamonds are a girl’s best friend“ really puts us into the „superficial, bribable corner“ and doesn’t make us very strategic and intelligent. Which doesn’t mean, that we shouldn’t like diamonds. But

most of us (at least I guess!) aren’t women, who
find fulfilment by
getting gifted with expensive jewelry. 


The hourglass figure stands for the classic, stereotypical female. It says, that women are beautiful and seductive. They are sensual and their physical (!) attributes are hard to resist for men.

So we women are physically great, but not more. That was the message somehow. Nice objects.
Thank God, this has changed!





Conventionally independent & physically seductive: We are both!

By wearing a pink coat, which stands for the „new“ role of women nowadays (strong, powerful, independent, the list with expressive attributes is fortunately long by now) AND combining this understatement with an X-shaped look,

I connected the
conventional independency and social worth of us women
with our
sexual and sensual attributes.






Because we are both.

We are not just seductive objects, but we aren’t just career-obsessed machines either. We are it both and that is great.











Check out my first Youtube-Video!



Pure KIMONO ELEGANCE – trending and perfect for a chic night out in the theatre

*Product Placement

Although he is quite melancholic, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is one of my favourite poets. And I am really into „Faust I“, so you can imagine, how thrilled I was, when I got to know, that there is a theatre premiere of „Faust I“ in the theatre in Innsbruck – awesome!

I had to go there and see the dramatic fate of poor doctor Faustus,
who made a deal with the devil – a Faustian pact.

(As you see, literally. How funny is that?! In English a deal with the devil is even named after the poor guy! Goethe, your influence is overwhelming.)




Sophisticated style is a must – Kimono time

In the theatre, a elegant and sophisticated style is a total must in my opinion. With opulent stylings you can bring back the atmosphere of gone ages (for sure not in the way, people in the Rococo era were dressing up, but at least kind of. Actually I would love to wear crinolines and extravagant wigs for occasions like those, but dressing up like Marie Antoinette at carnevals is fine as well).

You can feel the aura of luxury, wealth and royalty. 

So for sure I dressed up in a very opulent way. Therefore at the moment I guess there is nothing which would suit better for an elegant style than a kimono coat!

Kimonos are

a) super trending now and

b) an elevator piece because of their

brash pattern,
which means, you can
stick to simple basics underneath the coat,
because the coat
plays the main role anyway.






Elevator Piece:
Adorable satin in Babyblue and Rosé

The kimono, I wore, is made out of babyblue satin and has

fine metallic silver (trendy!) stitches sewn-in.



The coat is covered with beautiful flowers all over. In fact, that makes you feel

like you inhale the sweet scents of a flower meadow. 








The coat from Beauty Bauer is cut as „oversize“, the shoulders seem enormous in this coat, which for me




empowers a woman as a
strong and independent human being.









Crop it like it’s hot and add some ruffles to your pants


I combined the kimono coat with a black basic croptop, which can’t steal the kimono’s big show, and with black highwaisted pants with ruffles, because… well, I adore ruffles.

So underneath the coat I wore all black.

That is because I didn’t want an overload (although I was tempted referring to the Rococo era styles).




Love Moschino – even more in Rosé

To my outfit I added a Moschino clutch in Rosé with golden wristlets. It fits perfectly to the kimono coat,

the kimono and the Moschino clutch combined
are a perfect match.


I gifted my feet with a beautiful pair of black stilettos with transparent details. They don’t draw too much attention to themselves, but are still special (I got them from Zara).





Goethes „Faust I“ in the modern era

With all those adorable fashion items I was ready for the theatre premiere and it was great! The tragedy is adapted for young guests as well, the costumes are made with lots of Neon and appear very fancy and freaky. The content of „Faust I“ is set in our modern era.

That makes you see the things,
that happen in the tragedy,
from another perspective.

They seem closer, the events touch you more, you feel for what happens to Faust and Gretchen, because it isn’t something, that „happened in the past“, it might happen right now, because it plays in the modern era.

I loved it –
Goethe’s origin tragedy and
the way they adapted it in Innsbruck. 




How do you like the look?
Are you into kimonos? Yay or Nay?
And have you read „Faust I“ at school or university? Did you like it?




Thank you, Beauty Bauer in Schwaz in Tyrol and Maya Schwitzer for the support.


Call up the Rock ’n‘ Roll You! 2in1: Logomania for the day, decolleté for the night




These days women are always busy doing stuff.

And it happens quite often, that we are

in the office during the day and
shall attend certain events in the evening. 





Since we can’t really sit in the office with a tight glitter gown and it is not really suitable to go to an evening event with a business look, we have to find a easy solution for an always adequate style.

I admit, glitter gown might be exaggerated most of the time, but fact is, that

we need an
outfit for the day,
which is easy transformable into an
outfit of the night!

The outfit, which I present you now, is not really „business“, as we imagine it in our black-and-white-thinking brains.




It is cool & cool (yes, double-cool #socoolithurts) during the day, and it gets cool & sexy for the evening.

I can’t even deside, which look I do like more.








Logomania for the day

The Rock ’n‘ Roll Girl for sure wears leather, in this case the fashionable as f*** leather skirt with two zips on the sides. I styled the skirt with rocky leather (whatelse?) boots and

lovely black socks with ruffled endings (trending now!). 


Logomania celebrates its comeback this season,

so I styled the look with a t-shirt from Puma, because a band shirt in this case would have been so predictable.

For the ultra chic touch I put a fake fur jacket in camel on, which is awesome for three reasons:

1. I love fake fur, because I love the look, but don’t want animals to get hurt.
2. Fake fur is trending right now.
3. Camel is a trending colour at the Moment.


Also, at the back it is written „Puma“, so this T-shirt is all over printed with logos.



As an elevator piece I chose

hooped tights with net in black

from Calzedonia (they are adorable). They are SUPER eye-catching and for some reason, which I really don’t get, they are quite warm and comfy.

I pulled the tights up to my waist,
so they sticked out over the high-waisted leather skirt.






Because the tight ending is printed with the Calzedonia logo (coincidence, I swear!) and this fits in beyond perfectly with the logomania look!










A deep decolleté & a pink choker

I am still into choker.

For the night look I just switched ONE piece: the top.


I chose a more elegant top, because a tee is very casual. The top is tight, pink, with a deep decolleté and an included pink choker. Therefore you don’t even have to think about jewelry, how easy.


With the elegant fake fur jacket this Rock ’n‘ Roll style goes elegant and sophisticated! And the switch is from OOTD to OOTN is easy an quick, perfect for working ladies just like me!

Spread love and try out the looks!

Which one do you like more?