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Bucket Hat: Fokus auf feminine Gesichtspartien

Er ist auch bekannt als Fischerhut, aber in den Onlineshops der digitalen Welt macht er gerade als Bucket Hat die Runde. Der Hut, der noch vor wenigen Jährchen als ultra uncool galt, ist jetzt Trend 😀

Zugegebenermaßen bin ich ein krasser Fan davon, denn er gibt jedem Look einen coolen Touch und überzeugt mit Stilbruch bei glamourösen Outfits. Extra gut passt er aber zu Sneakers. Ich hab ihn mit weißen Nike Air Huarache kombiniert (die sind wie Socken!) und dazu meinen Lieblingsstyle – highwaist Hose mit Croptop 😉


2 Trends vereint:

Der Bucket Hat in den Bildern besticht mit dem Farbtrend der Saison noch zusätzlich – Denimblue ist mega in, egal ob wir Jeans tragen oder eben nur die Farbe der Jeans. Ich finde, Blau steht eigentlich auch fast jedem! Außerdem schmeichelt der Hut unseren pretty faces 😉 Er lenkt Aufmerksamkeit auf unsere Wangenknochen und die Nase. So wirken wir extra feminin. Dadurch, dass der Hut tief ins Gesicht ragt, kommen unsere Augen noch besser zur Geltung. #sexy

Der Hut verleiht also neben einem coolen Touch auch einen verruchten Wimpernaufschlag.

Hier gibt es noch mehr Bilder:


Gibt es jetzt übrigens gerade überall, also ran an die Bucket Hats 😉

xx Sara aka La Sara Leona



Copyright: Florian Egger

Summer with rain: Culotte, stripes & trenchie

Côte d’Azur Part II: Rich & royal – a colourful day in the city state MONACO

Côte d’Azur Part I: Welcome to SAINT TROPEZ – with trending wrap top & classic culotte

Bold ultraviolet, returning belt bag & permatrends in spring

Collar & transparent protest wear – two contrasty trends united!

Back to Baroque

The prudish style is a thing at the moment and due to this, the upcoming season collars are the accessories you should definitely owe. But I admit, collars aren’t something, everyone is happy about, because

the trend defines a certain type of woman:
prudish, good, inhibited,
totally not the free & roaring type of woman.


More the silent sufferer, I’d say. Well, I am not one of those women. Still I am keen on uniting trends, which are quite contrasty.

So I united the high-neck trend including collars
with the transparency and protest wear trend!





Prudish with a spice of offensive

Therefore I combined a turtleneck sweater with ruffled collar in black with a transparent top with a quite offensive offer printed on it. #transparent

“Go play the wild game”
is a statement and tells the world,
that you aren’t afraid to
leave the good side
for living the wild life.
That you are ready to think and to be controversial,
to exit the should and
enter your own path of living.


A totally free and feministic statement indeed!

So the whole look shows in the one hand a high-necked, good-girl style, but in the other hand an offensive and controversial rebellious woman. #ftw

We can all be such good girls, but wait to hear us roar. #goodandbad

By the way, this is layering as well, so a perfect look for spring!





The transparent trend

Transparency is trending and a parallel reaction to the prudish collar and high-neck trend.

You can so either show nothing, because “Women don’t have to show anything, if they don’t want to”


you go for transparency and show everything, because “Women are free to show everything, if they want to.” It is up to us, girls!

For this look and to present the two trends in one, I chose a mix and I like it.

If we can either wear high-neck or transparency, we can also wear both in one outfit, because

we are free to wear, whatever we want and however we want it.

Matching: the print on my top and the white net socks.


So feel free to wear, what you love,
no matter, if it is a lot or barely nothing!



Red neoprene trenchcoat & dotted wellies for spring!


Hey, my loves!

Spring is finally on and though some rainy days are yet to come, we can now stock our winter coats and boots and welcome spring-like fashion items!

I have been at Moiré Fashion in Innsbruck lately and got myself a super special outfit for spring – with lots of powerful Red (trending!). #hearmeroar

For sure, I chose a look with lots of spring trends included. So here are the most important trends and must-have items for spring!




The trends in this outfit:


At Moiré Fashion in Innsbruck, they have very bright colours for spring right now (check it out here, that is their homepage: http://www.moire-fashion.com/innsbruck/ ).

A permatrend in spring is definitely our beloved trenchcoat!

Red is still a Go this season, preferably as bright and strong as possible. Therefore I chose – surprise, surprise! – a RED TRENCHCOAT. #2in1

This red trenchcoat includes another trend as well, because the material is neoprene, which is a often used material in the new designer collections for this season.

As well,

the cut of this trenchcoat is
and that is so so SO trending right now, OMG!

You actually have to have this trenchcoat, seriously, guys! 😀




The trends in this outfit:


The hat of the spring season is pretty french and I love it. Berets are ruling our heads and the cute and feminine hat is

a lovely AND fashionable ear warmer
for a season, in which winds can still be pretty uncomfy.

I chose a denim blue beret, because it suits perfectly to the polka dots on the scarf and the jeans for sure.

Waist belts are still a thing and I like them anyway, because

they offer us women a great silhouette,
with which we can perfect
our feminine attributes.

I styled the waist belt to a plain and basic white tee with puffs on the shoulders (in tulle! so ballerina!).





WELLIES from Joules / with POLKA DOTS

It is time for a new shoe of the month (I am very careless with the „shoe of the month“ category, I know, sorry, guys)! For spring, my shoe of the month is a clear thing: wellies!

The gum shoes are perfect for versatile weathers in March and April.

I chose a pair in black with colourful polka dots on it and a pink stripe at the back side. I got them as well from Moiré Fashion by the way (they also have ones up to the knees).

To bring back the polka dots a second time within this look, I styled the outfit with a dotted scarf in the colours of the look. #matching

OUTTAKE – It was pretty cold by the way, we had minus three on this day! #toughlasaraleona


So guys, with those items you are ready for a also sometimes rainy spring! You get the whole look (except the beret and the clutch) at Moiré Fashion in Innsbruck, so happy shopping and happy spring time!

With especially the
you grab three trends in one
and draw all the attention, you can get, on you!

Dress to impress, my loves!


Thank you, Moiré Fashion, for the beautiful outfit and your support!

Layering alternative for croptop lovers!

Hello, my loves!

Though winter is ruling Tyrol temporary, I am already in a very good mood for spring and warmer temperatures. In spring, layering is ideal, because it can be warm, but it also might be frosty (It most of the spring time is). Therefore layering is a permatrend in spring (just like trenchcoats).

I have a lovely outfit inspo here for you, which shows you a not-everyday layering styling. It is not the usual t-shirt with cardigan thing, but more

a springlike alternative to my favourite summer style,
so that I can wear
my beloved croptops already.




The layering:

Beige Pullover / black leather croptop / camel coat

I put on a beige loose pullover and layered a black leather croptop above. Additionally, I layered the combo with a camel coat.

Me, being hunted by a car lol. Couldn’t stop laughing, while I was saving my life. #dangerousbloggerlife





Basis & details:

All black / hat / Moschino bag

I styled the whole outfit with black pieces – leather trousers, wedges, Moschino mini bag and feminine hat. I love hats in spring, for me they symbolize the upcoming heat and the joy of living. On the hat, I put a rose in woody rosé for a even more springlike look.



So if you are into croptops as much as I am and can’t wait, till summer is knocking on our beloved Tyrolean doors either, grab this style as an alternative to survive the ongoing not-winter-nor-spring time.



Red lace for Valentine’s Day – Outfit inspiration

Hello, my pretty loves!

It is Valentine‘s Day soon and well,

it is the most loved and hated day in the world at the same time
– depends on if you are taken or not. lol


If being in an relationship or dating someone, you like pretty much, it really is a lovely day. At least it can be, if you are not too obsessed with having a perfect day.
If single, it can be great as well. Meeting with friends is as much lovely as having a VD date. Most of the time, dates with your besties are even more fun. Wine is a big friend. So is Tequila (Are you the Salt or Cinnamon type?)




On Valentine’s Day: Hot no matter what!

No matter how you end up spending your Valentine’s Day, your look has to be lit! Why?

If you have a date, you wanna look hot.
And if you meet your friends, you …wanna look hot as well for sure!


To show everbody, what they are missing. Seems legit, right?
So here is an outfit inspiration for you – and it is all about RED LACE!




All red for the day of love

The colour of love and temper is red. So for sure I styled this outfit inspo red all over. To cover my neck, I chose a lovely silky scarf. To add some fire, I added one of my favourite bags right now – in red again, yep.




The sexy & cute look for Valentine’s Day

Lace underneath, a cool, furry leather jacket above, combined with highwaisted leather trousers to keep the eye on the lingerie and rocky, heeled boots as well as matching white net socks – that‘s how to do it on the day of love.

This ensemble comes with a
red and white Moschino silk scarf,
red Moschino bag
and – for sure – a red rose.


Being cute, but showing that there is something very sexy underneath as well – this mixture is irresistable. Means: perfect for Valentine’s Day!
By the way: the lace is from Victoria‘s Secret #hotfact






So I hope you got some Valentine‘s Day inspo, but no matter, what you decide to wear,

remember to
because that is
the most sexiest thing
you can wear:




TV CLIP ABOUT LA SARA LEONA & Trend Update – 2 staying & 2 new Trends in 2018!

2018 is on and though we have tons of new trends, there are some staying from last season as well. Which ones they are? Let’s find it out!



„Style in the City“: La Sara Leona ON TV!

BUT first… check out this TV clip! I was on TV lately and I am so proud and honored!

Tirol TV reported about me as a blogger, my blog La Sara Leona, what this blog is about and about the latest trends. They accompanied me for a day to see, how things are going ? And I wore the OUTFIT BELOW for the shooting on this day!


Important things I said in the interview:

“My blog is about strong, independent and powerful women, who enjoy life.“

“I struggle with the word influencer, I don‘t want to influence anyone, this sounds kind of negative. I‘d call myself an INSPIRER.“


I am so happy, I have got an repo ON TV (!) about my blogger-me already! So here is the TV clip for you to watch (in German though):




Staying trend:

Red, especially RED BAGS

This colour is still trend: Red is a permatrend in December anyway, ruled this winter season in an extra present way though. Fun fact: Red stays, especially red bags are very trendy now and fit perfectly to the trend colour camel or beige.




Staying trend:


To everyone, who has invested in overknees last season: Lucky you, they stay trendy! That’s a nice thing to notice due to the fact, that overknees where one of the most criticised trends in 2017. Yes, they are sassy, but never mind! They are trend, so grab some!




New trend:


That is my absolutely favourite trend! Why? Because I have always been in love with berets (and the french look in general) and now – ages later lol – it is a trend and everyone loves it as well (in particular those, who always told me, it looks shitty hahahaha).




New trend:

Beige or Camel

Hugh, trend alert! If you wear beige or – especially – CAMEL in spring, you couldn’t do it any better. Fashionista: check! I invested in a beige longcoat in suede and styled it with a black silk ribbon, which I wore as a scarf.


So the two staying trends in 2018 are red bags and overknees, the two new trends are berets (yay!) and the colour beige/camel. Now you have a good reason for shopping. Thank me later. 😛



Ball Season is on! Here’s my Look with Embroidery & Longcoat

To make it clear immediately – when going to a ball, I am mostly working there, so I can’t appear in Alexander McQueen or Elie Saab gowns (unfortunately …would be glorious, but that’s not an adequate style when working).

So my ball outfit is – for sure elegant, but – a bit more functional. #casualchic




La Petite Robe Noire as a TWO-PIECE

I am not into super opulent gowns anyway, so I am THE cocktail dress girl yaaaaaaassss. My favourite is a classic Petite Robe Noire – the little black dress created by Coco Chanel.

This year, transparent looks are very en vogue,

so I chose a little black dress – SUPER TIGHT – for underneath and a transparent, with golden and bronze flowers embroidered cocktail dress over it.


So the dress is actually a two-piece
including the plain black tight dress underneath
and the embroidered transparent one above.




Longcoat Love

I styled my embroidered black dress with a light beige longcoat. It makes the look more elegant and gives it the needed wow-effect (Red carpet goals, you know this…).

Also, it is out of suede, which is great for the beginning spring time, because it is warm and (kind of) windproof.




Moschino bag & Satin Pumps

I chose black satin pumps with satin flowers on the outsides to stick to the flower theme of the dress itself.

To finish the look, I grabbed my favourite Moschino bag in black with golden details (I am so into it OMG).

As almost always, I put a black choker round my neck.




Dress to impress

This ball look is super elegant, suitable for every occasion, but still functional and easy to wear, because the dress stays, where it should (no nipple gates here, sorry guys!).

It is not an opulent ball gown, right, but therefore you don’t have to think about how your gown’s looking all the time.

With this dress you are DRESSED TO IMPRESS.
And it is all about attitude anyway.


You can really ENJOY your night in this awesome ensemble – hassle-free due to this comfortable, but very elegant outfit.




Batman & Butterfly – These pieces make you look cool & feminine!



I really love highwaisted stuff. It is supercozy,

puts your hips in perfect shape and draws attention to your waist.






In summer (and spring actually), linen is the ideal material. It cools and it is light. Great for a really hot day (and when you are not supposed to wear a bikini all day long, for example when in the office haha).


Okay, you have to iron it about 10 times a day and it still looks like u just haven’t ironed it at all, but however, it is really functional (and in summer nothing is a big deal anyway 😉 )

So for me THE pants of the warm time of the year are highwaisted linen trousers!

And the best is yet to come: Those linen pants i’m wearing are highwaisted and fluttering – So you get an butterfly effect on your outfit that spreads even more of your charisma. I t   i s   a w s m!


 The perfect mixture – Batman and butterfly

I am very into mixing styles. And just feeling like a butterfly with those linen highwaist pants is cute though, but … well, just cute.

The arrrrr-element is missing, so i styled my linen pants with a (as well fluttering) leather jacket to have a cool and edgy chic on that (supergorgeous) outfit yaaaaay 🙂

The leather jacket is quite thin
and has an asymmetric cut with
batman-like endings at the front.
I love this piece.



I combined the linen pants – the butterfly part – and the fluttering leather jacket – the batman part haha – with a simple black croptop with no decolleté to leave the eyecatching part on my waist. I didn’t choose high heels, cuz i wanted an really cool and casual style, so



i finished the look with
black shimmering Nike Air. 



Cool & feminine



So the Nike Air and the leather jacket as well as the black croptop, which looks quite sporty, make the look cool.

The linen trousers ensure that the outfit has an feminine side.

<— feminine and lovely /////////// cool and edgy —>







The soft, but colourful make-up


To have a make-up that harmonizes with my outfit, i chose an dark lilac eyeshadow with no sparkle or glitter and anything. The colour is attracting enough anyway, no more glitter needed 😛

To not forget „Batman“ (lol), i drew a fine black eye line.

Batman and butterfly united again 😀


My hair are curly as nearly each day and

my smile was more butterfly than batman 😉




Butterflies love flowers



As we all know, butterflies LOVE flowers (as we actually all do).

So to finish the look with accessories, i chose a

statement necklace in gold
with big white flowers
to support the butterfly part a bit more 😉




All my love and loads of butterfly and batman moments to you!

xx Sara