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#tbsummer – off-shoulder pompom dress gives me thrills

Turban styling PART II – Pink summer vibes

How to style a TURBAN in summer – PART I

My FESTIVAL LOOK: swimsuit / flowers in my hair / holo backpack !

Midi-length trend: Flamenco style with offshoulder croppie

Black ’n‘ white stripes for summer!

Summer with rain: Culotte, stripes & trenchie

Metallic chic & leopard touch: We wanna experience outer space & the power of big cats


In Austria autumn is already present, so I decided last weekend to go to Italy once again to feel „la dolce vita“ one more time this year. It was extremely hot, it had i think 37 degrees, but I loved it.

I am totally a summer girl <3

When I had been in the old town of Rimini, I was

overwhelmed by all the
historic beautiful places,
old buildings and
great architecture.






For sure, my friends and I spotted out a hilarious place, where we could take some pictures. #realtourists

We chose a lovely little fountain just next to the dome. There was no water in it, but who cared anyway.










Metallic chic en vogue

You may all remember

Chanel’s outrageous fashion show
with the rocket, that got really fired (!).

Well, that was the beginning of the outer space trend, i guess.

It is all about

metallic styles,
outer space motives,
silver details and
futuristic looks.





The power of big cats


So I styled my high-waisted animal print shorts, which are super comfortable by the way, with a metallic crop-top.

The animal print channels my inner big cat somehow,
and i feel powerful and strong. Roar!

The combination of brown with silver gave the outfit an interesting touch,

that spreads simplicity in a very catchy way. 

Metallic chic and animal print combined is definitely a GO!





„Whatever!“ – Statement clutch is a NEED

Since fashion got political (honestly it has always been, just more subtle),

statement prints are trendy as f***.

To not exaggerate (because the crop-top is getting enough attention in my opinion), I didn’t put lots of accessories on, which I actually love to do, but if it has 37 degrees, you aren’t into decorate yourself like a christmas tree.

So I styled the look with a simple black clutch with the print „WHATEVER“ on it.

For sure it fits perfectly not just to the outfit, but also to the italian flair.

Italians don’t take life too serious,

the „whatever“-mindset
helps to be just happy,
get an easy way of living and

enjoy summer, sun & love.

We should all do it like they do it. Love you, Italy <3





Gold AND silver? Let’s stick to „Whatever“!

To have another black piece, I emphasized the look with the clutch with black Ipanema-sandals with golden ornaments on it.

I played a little with the
big tabu of combining gold and silver accessories or details.

I don’t understand the tabu, because if you styled it well, it would look just gorgeous and gives the details more dynamic. And by the way, gold and silver are versatile colours, so you can combine them however you want anyway.




So let’s live the easy life,
enjoy all the experiences we have,
smile, laugh,
eat a lot and
love even more, because that’s what we are here for I guess.





Here is the Making of Video from our shooting at the little italian fountain:


My babe Evelyn taking pictures of me.

How do you like the outfit and the Making Of Video?
Do you love the metallic chic as well?
Tell me in the comments!!



Bandshirts are the new logomania – at the beach and even more in autumn!

Slogans, Logos and strong messages:

Chanel and Dior started with protest-a-porter fashion last year and since then protest wear is trending as hell.

„We should all be feminists“, „feminism“ or H&M’s latest pullover with the slogan „Get off my back“ on the back

let us show our strong side and

show the world that women are powerful. 



The slogan trend is still present, but next to it there evolves another trend and takes over control the logomania trend:

the bandshirt trend.


For autumn it is perfect, because it

goes so well with a leather jacket or a leather skirt

and leather pieces are super trendy this autumn.





How to style it at the beach

I styled it already at the beach though, because I am into that trend for almost one month – actually from the very beginning of its origin.

Bandshirts are mostly cut quite unsexily, so I made mine – from Guns’n’roses – a little cooler and

cut it individually.


I made the decolleté part a little wider and the lower part a little shorter.

So i can wear the tee one shoulder off

and if I styled it with a low-waist-jeans (they come back…), you would see my belly a bit. At the beach i combined the look with a ordinary black panty with cutouts round the hips (we don’t like it too ordinary) to not steal the bandshirt the show (Axl Rose wouldn’t be amused :-D).

For sure if you are tanned, it looks even more hilarious!



When it gets colder … it is still a trend!

I have worn the actually yet-to-come-trend already at the beach.

Unfortunately the hot days on the beach, when sun beams kiss our skin and give us thrills, while we get tan and look sexier than ever, are almost over… But the trend is super present in autumn, so get your bandshirts already now!



How do you like the bandshirt trend?
Tell me in the comments!



xx LaSaraLeona

Check out THIS new gypsy style with fake septum & oriental trousers!

Well, you might have seen them more and more often, because they are quite trending right now:

fake piercings.

And to be honest, I love them as well.

Being pierced without getting pierced,

without the pain, without the durance of a real piercing – that’s almost beyond perfect.

Especially in a time, when trends change every two weeks.

So I tried some of those piercings. I started with some on my ear. They looked gorgeous and so real, that people even asked me, where i got them from.




It has been the solution


Then I have been shopping in a mall and spotted out a fake septum.

I really always wanted one, but I did never dare to get one.


So FOR SURE I immediately bought it, because it was just the perfect solution. I liked it, but I knew that some people will totally not like it. So I liked it even more 😀

Somehow it gave me that gypsy feeling, that empowered me and motivated me and yes – i know that this sounds freaky. But fashion can also give you power, so why not accessories?

A septum is such a controversial thing (at least in Tyrol – sad, but true), so

it gives you thrills wearing it, because you

don’t obey

in some way. 

It is unconventional. Great!





My gypsy style:

septum, crop top & fluttering oriental trousers


I styled my beloved fake septum with

high-waisted black chiffon trousers, a slime green crop top & a white cape (that gives you that wonderwoman feeling, you remember?).


That white cape gave the outfit the business touch,

i needed for the day, otherwise – with septum and dangerously high cut trousers – this would have been too controversial (even for me, and I seriously like the edgy and „risky“ side of fashion).

That high-waisted trousers are very thin, so nice to wear in summer.

They are opened on the outsides,
so if there was wind,
they’d flutter in a quite sexy way

and show some of your legs. Also when walking, they move smoothly and

let you appear like princess Yasmine from Disney’s Aladdin.

(And yes, i know, that she is a princess, not a gypsy, but she wears quite similar trousers in the Disney movie.)




I love those trousers.

I styled the look with flats in black with a golden ornament on it – from Ipanema – because that gold fitted the accessories.

In the picture on the left you see,

how much skin those trousers show, if the wind blows.




Lots of chokers and a septum, please!

I took a deep grasp into the accessories pot!


For sure, it was all about that septum. I combined it with

three choker round my neck and golden creoles (so gypsy).

I added fake piercings on my ear as well and I even had a dusty gold ankle bracelet with Swarovski crystals round my ankle. The fun part is:

When i am walking, it jangles (so gypsy again).

As always, I wore tons of rings and I put some

wood green nail polish on to stay with the green palette.

Because it was a business event, i wore my golden Karl Lagerfeld watch with a edging, that looks like a crown.




How do you like the look? And HOW DO YOU LIKE THE FAKE PIERCING???
Tell me in the comments!


Here’s my Instagram post with all the credits –>


xx, La Sara Leona



Jump in and go! Jumpsuits are easy like SUMMER

Jump in! They are super easy to wear and quick to put them on and

totally stylish in summer anyway

– this time it is all about the beloved one-piece JUMPSUIT

#jumpsuitloveforreal <3


You may not believe it, but i bought this one at Primark 😉






Comfy & easy

It is a thin material, which is nice to wear in summer, and it is quite comfy anyway.

The colourful print is so eyecatching that u are dressed with this single piece, i love that.

I styled the jumpsuit with black high heels and a black leather bag á la school girl (for the holy touch haha as if that would work 😀 ).

As always, i have tons of rings on my fingers 😉




Jump in that suit and you are dressed! 

Life can be so easy 😀


xoxo, La Sara Leona

Batman & Butterfly – These pieces make you look cool & feminine!



I really love highwaisted stuff. It is supercozy,

puts your hips in perfect shape and draws attention to your waist.






In summer (and spring actually), linen is the ideal material. It cools and it is light. Great for a really hot day (and when you are not supposed to wear a bikini all day long, for example when in the office haha).


Okay, you have to iron it about 10 times a day and it still looks like u just haven’t ironed it at all, but however, it is really functional (and in summer nothing is a big deal anyway 😉 )

So for me THE pants of the warm time of the year are highwaisted linen trousers!

And the best is yet to come: Those linen pants i’m wearing are highwaisted and fluttering – So you get an butterfly effect on your outfit that spreads even more of your charisma. I t   i s   a w s m!


 The perfect mixture – Batman and butterfly

I am very into mixing styles. And just feeling like a butterfly with those linen highwaist pants is cute though, but … well, just cute.

The arrrrr-element is missing, so i styled my linen pants with a (as well fluttering) leather jacket to have a cool and edgy chic on that (supergorgeous) outfit yaaaaay 🙂

The leather jacket is quite thin
and has an asymmetric cut with
batman-like endings at the front.
I love this piece.



I combined the linen pants – the butterfly part – and the fluttering leather jacket – the batman part haha – with a simple black croptop with no decolleté to leave the eyecatching part on my waist. I didn’t choose high heels, cuz i wanted an really cool and casual style, so



i finished the look with
black shimmering Nike Air. 



Cool & feminine



So the Nike Air and the leather jacket as well as the black croptop, which looks quite sporty, make the look cool.

The linen trousers ensure that the outfit has an feminine side.

<— feminine and lovely /////////// cool and edgy —>







The soft, but colourful make-up


To have a make-up that harmonizes with my outfit, i chose an dark lilac eyeshadow with no sparkle or glitter and anything. The colour is attracting enough anyway, no more glitter needed 😛

To not forget „Batman“ (lol), i drew a fine black eye line.

Batman and butterfly united again 😀


My hair are curly as nearly each day and

my smile was more butterfly than batman 😉




Butterflies love flowers



As we all know, butterflies LOVE flowers (as we actually all do).

So to finish the look with accessories, i chose a

statement necklace in gold
with big white flowers
to support the butterfly part a bit more 😉




All my love and loads of butterfly and batman moments to you!

xx Sara