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Leo print, glossy legs & oversized fashion

Better overkneed than understyled – how to be controversial

Hello, lovely people!

Here’s to us ladies now:

It has been International Women’s Day lately, so still cheers to this!

We women are empowered by our independency, by our attitude, by self-confidence and self-made freedom.

We rule our own businesses, our own lifes, our own worlds.


Part of the emancipation and „femme en vogue“ deal is, that we can do and WEAR whatever we want to.

We are keener on trying unconventional styles out and following fashion trends, which might be controversial or/and provocative. Good! That is exactly, how it should be, how society should be.


Let people be, who they are and let’em dress like they feel to. No prejudice, no judging.

By being an individual part of this world,
we can inspire so many people.
By following, we don’t.
The real Lion King is a SHE, remember? So be one, babes!


For this look, I also chose a controversial styling. Cute prints & sexy overknees? OH YES!

Fact is:
Better be overkneed than understyled, girls!
That is how you rock the road 😉




Cute prints & sexy overknees

You might have noticed, that cute prints just like unicorns or watermelons are a big thing on tees or pullovers.

So for this look, I styled
an oversized pullover with a smiling rainbow on it
– the cute part –
with black tights and suede/vinyl overknees
– the controversial part.


This year, overknees are still very trending, so cheers to all the clever fashionista ladies, who have invested in a pair of this trend item. I combined the cute pullover and the sexy shoes with a black, cozy teddycoat and a hat with sewn-in golden letters, which say „Sara“, on it. #saymyname

Last, but not least, I decided to grab my black Moschino mini bag – for the glam factor, you know 😉


So be proud to be a woman and wear, whatever you want! Rock the road by being controversial. Why? Because we can.

All my love and Happy International Women’s Day again!




Space up winter – with a padded „Bronze Foil“ jacket

You know, there are some fashion pieces in this world, which I like to call Elevator pieces or key pieces, because they elevate the whole look or are the central piece of the look.

So in this article, I am gonna introduce a pretty awesome elevator piece:

my padded metallic „Bronze Foil“ jacket, as I call it!

But attention: You will be stared at, deal with it. lol





Metallic (bronze) chic is still a Go!

You might have noticed it on the runways at fashion week (I haven’t been there either, but there’s Instagram to show us all the pretty styles live in the stories, right? ;-)) – metallic vibes are still on this year.

So grab your silver boots, your twinkle bags and foil jackets to sparkle futuristically out there – right into spring yaaaaay!

Here some motivated funny vibes from the shoot:




Win-win-piece: Bronze it up

First of all, there is to say: This thing is pretty warm due to the fact, that it is padded, which is awesome, because therefore it

a) holds you warm in winter (unfortunately winter is still a thing – waiting for summer!)

b) but still makes you look hot and stylish. (win-win here, people!)





How I styled the „Bronze Foil“ jacket

I styled this elevator piece with

black highwaisted fake-leather trousers, a light green croptop and black leather boots (one of my favs).

Additionally I combined the futuristic & spacy style with a black bag pocket and net socks in black.

I also put rosé feathers in my hair.



You see, this piece elevates everything you wear. I chose black fake-leather to style it up with, because it makes you look even more fashionable (it is a thing with that fake-leather stuff), like – high street fashion.

Enjoy metallic vibes! Maybe with some bronze foil? 😉 One thing’s sure: I obviously do so!




Trending for your head: Berets rule 2018!

Ready for one of THE Trends in 2018? Here it comes:

If you wear a beret now,
you are super en vogue and totally trend-defining,
so get yourself one! 


The cool thing is: I always had a thing for berets anyway, so I owe hundreds of them (okay, eight) already. Now it is a trend, lucky me lol (Call me trendsetter!! yaaaasss).

I am so much into this french look, so there will be lots of beret looks in the next future, guys #sorrynotsorry.

Here is a very icy, frosty, snowy one! 😉




„Ice turquoise, as I call it!“

Here is a winter look for you with my favourite beret for winter – in the colour „ice turquoise“, as I call it (How would you call the colour?). This beret with its gorgeous colour underlines my eye colour and I literally feel like Elsa, the ice queen (yaaaaassss again).





The look: Ruffled trousers, metallic top and faux fur

As you can see, I am still into faux fur and ruffles 😀

I styled black ruffled trousers with a metallic croptop and a camel/beige faux fur jacket (camel is trending this year by the way). Elevator piece for this look is for sure the beret with its awesome icy colour (adorable!).





Details: Moschino bag and cute choker

I completed the look with a black suede choker with golden details and black Moschino bag.

I wanted to keep the attention
on the beret,
therefore I chose subtle accessories
(as if a Moschino bag could be subtle lol).


As always (I won’t mention this every time, because it is just like a fix part of myself), I had tons of rings around my fingers.


How do you like the look? Are you into berets as much as I am? If not: Sorry guys, but you won’t be without them in 2018.

So better grab yourself one and go for the french look!



2in1: Camel Vibes with casual Boots OR outré Overknees

Though it is January, it looks a lot like spring already. And for me, there is one super rule:

Warm times, bright colours! 

It comes up, that there are some new trend colours in the house! Next to ultra violet (really?! You have to have a very great tan to look good in ultra violet…), also camel is en vogue this year. So let’s create an outfit, which includes the trending colour camel and appears bright as the light (or spring)!




2 in 1:

Casual with boots, outré with Vinyl Overknees

I thought, it is time for another „2in1“-editorial, and this time you can wear version 1 and 2 both by day and night. I thought, the black leather boots are casual and very functional, further they are combinable with literally everything. So they are perfect for daily Dos.

To appear a bit more outré and sassier,
I styled my second outfit version with vinyl overknees.

(Remember, that this was a „shoe of the month“? Here’s the article: http://www.lasaraleona.com/vinyl-overknees-are-the-shoes-of-the-season-heres-how-to-style-them/ )




#1 / Camel Vibes with sassy Overknees

Here is my camel & white look with overknees!

I styled white trousers with grey ethno pattern to a camel pullover, a camel hat, a furry white fur jacket, a black Moschino bag and black vinyl overknees.

Obviously very happy about the sun shining yaaaay.

Cheeky with this flawless camel hat!





As always, I wore tons of rings. I wore the pullover oversized, because

I like it, if sleeves cover part of my hand (makes it so mysterious).

My hairbands match the pullover in this case.

The overknees have a thick vinyl stripe on the backside. On the frontside they are made out of suede.

My nails have a metal blue colour,

for sure I added hoops to the look (so my thing).


#2 / Cool & casual with leather boots

For a day option, I styled the look with classic leather boots, suitable for everything (I adore them!).

Again it was fun (okay, I am just always laughing lol).

I am so happy, if the sun shines!



So guys, let me know, how you liked the look, if you’d wear it as well and if you’re a fan of the colour CAMEL!



ETHNO IN THE SNOW with black cozy teddy coat

For winter, I am very into ethno looks and patterns, preferably in warm colours. I styled this look with one of my favourite scarfs, a xxl one, in warm colours with ethno pattern.

We did the shooting in Seefeld and it was freezingly cold. We couldn’t even feel our hands anymore afterwards, but that is winter in Austria. Yaaaaay! And to admit it… we could have put gloves on. #styleoverfunction




Ethno in the snow

So here is my winter look for frosty days! I styled a black jeans with a olive body. I love bodies in winter, because

when you have thousands of layers anyway,
it is good to know, that
at least one layer stays, where it should
– and a body does!

Like a second skin – a body.

I love this ethno pattern, do you too?


I kept it simple, because
the ethno pattern is the key piece right here
and rules the look perfectly!

Mind my hand – it was just so so sooooo cold lol.


Ethno style in orange, brown, white and black.


I think, I still deserve the title „Elsa – the ice queen“. 😀 But actually this looks more like Pocahontas.




Plush pleasure with teddy coat

When it is cold outside, we all want it to have warm. A pretty good thing for a warm experience outdoor is a teddy coat. Here is mine:

Cozy with plush coat & ethno scarf.


The teddy coat is long as well.


Yep, it was windy.


Cuddling in.


It was super cold, but I still had fun. haha


Such a cozy place for a cozily dressed me!

Welcome to Winter Wonder Land.





I styled my plush coat, the black jeans, the olive body and the ethno pattern scarf with

black (also very fluffy) plush wedges for winter, a black leather bag and a black belt.

Details captured.

Black plush wedges for warm feet.

So for winter – never without a fluffy plush teddycoat! And remember:

Ethno patterns style up your outfit for good.


I wish you warm fun times in the snow!



My festive Christmas Look – green Satin with Silver & black Velvet

I wish you all a merry little Christmas! It is that time of the year! Christmas is on! No later than now EVERYONE is in a Christmassy mood. This Christmas, I am going to wear a pretty metallic outfit. We made soooo many pics from this look, so I am going to share them all with you, because … Christmaaaaaas!!!

It is funny though, that each year, I know already in November, what to wear for Christmas Eve, but I always – literally ALWAYS – buy gifts on the 23rd hahahahha. It has always worked out so far, so I won’t change this habit 😉




Here is my festive Christmas Look:




Moss green & metallic

I styled moss green, highwaisted satin trousers – with a silver belt and ruffled endings round my waist – with a metallic croptop to match the silver belt.




Festive with black velvet

Additionally, I wore a black velvet blazer – for the festive occasion – and combined it with matching velvet & leather stiletto boots with tips.




Smiling for Christmas

Due to the fact, that I really like this time of the year, I smiled a lot, while doing this shoot. Here are the results:





Silver & velvet vibes

For detailing, I styled silver & black striped hoops to my silver waist belt. As well, I wore a black choker (as almost always). And

I styled the look with a black clutch,
because clutches give an outfit so much style, it hurts.


For my feet, I chose velvet boots, which match the velvet blazer.




NY-vibes in Tyrol – cap for outside

In case of celebrating outside or having a drink under beautiful stars, I styled the look i a various form – with a cap to keep the head warm 😉

It is funny, how swaggy the look gets by putting a cap on.




A merry wish to you

That is going to be my Christmas outfit and I am so excited for tomorrow! It is wonderful to spend time with the family, eat together and have lovely chats about the been year and the upcoming one.

On Christmas, we make moments to remember.

It is not really about gifting,
it is about family
(and the occasion to wear festive looks looool #sorrynotsorry).




I wish you all a merry little Christmas with lots of yummy foods and laughter with your beloved ones. 




Thank you, Theresa from primetimechaos.com, for the fun time and all those lovely pictures!


BERRY CHRISTMAS! Ruffles & Berry for a Christmassy Time

We are in the middle of the pre-Christmassy time and I love it!

Sparkly lights everywhere
the scent of gingerbread in the air!

Smiling for Christmas!


Ok, in this picture you barely see the sparkly lights, because they get switched on at night. However, you have a Christmassy picture in your heads, I guess, and you know, what I am talking about 🙂

At this time of the year, I love – love – LOVE – to do shopping, because the whole city is magical and I get in a very gifting mood. By the way, I wrote an article about Christmas Gift Ideas, so

if you still search for some gift inspiration,
here it is:




Berry Christmas to you!

For my Christmas shopping, I chose a very berry outfit, which gets me even more in a Christmassy mood. (I really can’t stop using the word Christmas loool)

I styled a black ruffled off-shoulder croptop
with a berry highwaisted jeans,
a black leather belt with golden details,
a black leather bag,
black boots,
with the jeans matching earrings – also in berry –
and a very fluffy fluff fluff teddy coat!

I love my very fluffy fluff fluff teddy coat.


Thinking about what gifting on Christmas lol.



This is my Christmas shopping look – ruffled top & highwaisted Jeans with teddy coat.



Styled for shopping in the city. Berry Christmas!


With a very high ponytale off-shoulder appears so elegant. #inlove


Walking through Christmas time.


Never without my teddy coat.


Berry in the city.




Berry match: jeans & earrings

To the berry highwaisted jeans, I styled berry earrings for a matching appearance.

Berry jeans & berry earrings.


A berry match.


Berry is a warm colour.




Waist attention – belted!

To draw attention to my waist, I put a black thin leather belt with golden details round it. Like this, the belt also puts together the berry jeans a little more, because this piece is a bit too wide for me. Problem easily solved!

I put on a belt to put together the wide jeans a bit more.


Hi, Christmassy and magical time of the year.




Ruffle match: croptop & socks

To bring the ruffles from above to down on my feet, I chose black socks with satin ruffles.

Subtle ruffles down there.


Ruffles for Christmas.





So this is for sure not the last Christmassy Christmas article (sorry, I can’t stop writing it), there are more Christmas outfits yet to come! Be excited and stay tuned!

See you soon on lasaraleona.com :-*





VINYL OVERKNEES are THE shoes of the season – Here’s how to style them!


Velvet and leather are beloved materials this season, but now they get hit by another naughty one – vinyl!

It is actually part of the leather-trend-gang, because you can either have patent leather or vinyl. So you might know it already…

my shoe of the SEASON this time is a VINYL OVERKNEE with suede!

Mini dress styled with overknees.


Front: suede, back and foot area: vinyl.







Call me Elsa from FROZEN. In love with that film!


Laughing or shivering? You can see, what I chose.




Why is it the „shoe of the season“?

To choose this season’s shoe of the month, hasn’t been a tough question at all. I crowned this pretty pair of seduction, because:

  1. Overknees are the trending shoes of the moment & further very cozy, because they are like a second skin (which is always great in winter).
  2. So the trending shoes right now are overknees. The trendiest version of it is with vinyl. And you are trending as f***, if you wear overknees in vinyl in RED. But I live in Tyrol, so I skipped the red part. People already struggle with those beauties, because they are really controversial. #countrysideproblems
  3. Black is ALWAYS a Go. #permatrend
  4. Part of the shoe is made of suede, which is sort of leather and leather is trend material this winter.
  5. It has a very functional sole, which makes it easy to walk even in snow (!).
  6. It just looks hot. (This is such an obvious point, why didn’t I put it at first? lol)
  7. It combines three trends: Overknee, Suede & Vinyl.
  8. You have legs for ages (when wearing overknees with heel! Flats are a tricky thing.).


If you have any more reasons, just tell me! 😉

Tell me your additional reasons in the comments!


What a view.


Walking on ice shine.







My outfit with vinyl overknees for a fashion show

The outfit, you see, is styled for a fashion show, which I attended later that day, so please don’t think, I am dressing up in the cold like this for hiking or something familiar.

I styled the overknees with tights (for sure! It is winter), a

black dress
with ruffled shoulder endings
and sequin embroidery on the front side,

a black (also shoulder-ruffled) blazer, a black choker and a black clutch from Victoria’s Secret.

This look is elegant AND cool. Adore it.


Edgy one, please.


The blazer is kinda long. Additionally I styled the look with a black clutch – a leather one.


Embroidered sequin flowers on the front of the dress.


Thanks to the very functional sole, you can easily walk on snow and ice.




All black from the back!

From the back the whole look is black. The embroidered sequin elements at the front are eyecatching enough, so I kept the rest simple.

I am always very motivated, if there are fashion shows!


From the back I kept it simple. Black is very seductive anyway (and those overknees!!!).


Dancing into Winter Wonder Land. Tyrol is beautiful!


Here you see the vinyl at the back.


Here even more. And please mind the form of the heel! So good.




Details: sequin & embroidery

Choker & hoops. My fav combo!


Flower embroidery out of sequin, black blazer with ruffled details and a black simple clutch from VS.


The clutch is super basic, fits to everything and gives you thrills.



How do you like the „shoe of the season“?

Would you wear them?

Love the outfit as well?

Leave some love!







DIY: Hear me roar! La Sara Leona DESIGNS HER OWN SWEATER!


How are the words sweater, designer, La Sara Leona, Rainyday and creativity connected to each other? Find it out now:

You always wanted to design fashion items on your own? Possible! With Rainyday’s Online-Tool, you can now create your own fashion piece. I did it and it turned out to be super cool …




My self-designed sweater

You can choose from t-shirts, sweaters, blouses, bags and more. I chose a sweater, because I reckon that’s what I need most right now in winter.

Next step is to choose, what shall be printed on your chosen fashion item.

For this, I chose my slogan:

„The real Lion King is a SHE.“

This slogan is sooooo me & my blog!




About the slogan

This slogan fits perfectly to my blog name and for sure to me – My blog and I are strong and fierce and spread self-esteem as much as independency. Like a lioness. And to be honest, the lion king is one in the fairytales and Disney stories …

But the real king is the lioness herself.
She is the hunter,
she feeds the babies,
she is the powerful one.

You spread power by just wearing this sweater. #fierce




Personalizing your fashion piece

When using the Online-Tool and chosen your slogan, brand name, personal name or whatever, you can personalize your writing by choosing a font, font size, colour and placement of your writing.

I chose a white font colour,
because my sweater is black and
I wanted to create an item, which
goes with everything.


On the front side I placed the slogan, on the back, right over my arse lol, I placed my blog name: La Sara Leona

„La Sara Leona“ is written on my back.




The whole furry look

I styled the self-designed (and very adorable) sweater with berry trousers, rosé fur jacket, black wedges from Fornarina and a with berry and pink flowers embroidered clutch.

I styled the sweater with rosé & berry colours.


Embroidery is a total Go this season – and so romantic.


The real Lion King gotta go!


With this self-designed sweater as a key piece, you don’t need any further fancy items to pimp your look. The slogan says it all already.


I’m very (berry) in love with my self-designed sweater!

If you would love to have one as well, just let me know! 😉

And if you want to design your own one, go on Rainyday’s homepage and try out the Online-Tool. This is much fun!




Thank you for the support, Rainyday.

2in1: Hat love! Rosé & black for a Western performance

It is time for a super easy 2in1 outfit again. So I created a

winter look with hats as key pieces.

I chose just the hats to be switched for day and then for a night out (because: why not going out with a hat?), so this 2in1 outfit is VERY easy to be switched from day look to night look.

Check out the short video to see the look in motion: 

Here are the two looks now, starting with the western-like look:




Rosé hat: Western Girl by day

For the day outfit I chose a rosé hat, which reminds me of a western scene. Actually the set just looks like a set of a Quentin Tarantino film, but it won’t get bloody here, pinky promise 😉

It is incredible, how much diversity this hat offers, depending on the look.

It totally depends on how you style the rosé hat, and it shows you so many different styles – I adore this one!

So this time, I styled the hat to be a Western Girl!

And the scene underlines the styling perfectly.

Here are some pics of the shooting – with and without the plush coat:

Ready for frosty winters in Rosé & Black!


Here the look without the plush coat – just in case it is not that cold.


The combination of the wide rosé hat & the fake fur collar gives the look a wealthy touch!


Rocking winter with Western vibes.


There’s just a horse missing and I’d be Lucky Luke 😀





For the basic look…

I styled black trousers to a rosé pullover with deep decolleté, a black choker with a black bow and golden details, black leather boots, a black leather bag, a black leather jacket with fur collar and a black super trending plush coat.

You might have recognised myself as a black leather lover – well done you.

Black leather stuff and black in general
offers a perfect basis
for cool winter outfits.

Although Colour Blocking is trending now, in winter I am more into gloomy looks.

With or without plush coat – depends on how cold it is.




Black hat: Chic belle by night

For the night, I dropped the black fluffy coat and switched the hat – from rosé á la Western queen to black á la Coco Chanel! Now the look switches from ultra cool to cute and elegant – perfect for a night out or an after hour drink.

From Western Gurl to Chic Belle – by switching just the hat!


At night in a bar or restaurant you won’t need a plush coat.


Hats are such a pleasure!


Fur collar, black hat & lots of black leather.




Details: Choker & fur collar

Western Styling on PEAK: fur collar, black choker & black belt.


With this fur collar, you don’t need a scarf no more! Such a cozy thing – in love with this detail.




DIY & 2in1: Selfmade ALLOVER CUTOUTS styled á la BOHEMIAN & FUR-ious!

*Product Placement

Allover cutouts to relieve the trouser’s tightness

It is time for a new selfmade DIY-Piece, don’t you think so? I have black high-waisted trousers, which are super sexy, but incredibly uncomfortable, because

they are just so so SO skinny,
it feels like your legs are
in a vacuum
(not a pleasure at all).

We all know the quote „Beauty knows no pain“, but sorry, that is just not true.

So well, I really liked those trousers, because they look great on me (lol), but

I had to get rid of that constricting feeling somehow

– so why not just cutting some cutouts in there (incredible lexical choice, I know). I had this idea one day before Halloween and I still needed a costume, so I thought ‚I can’t wear those trousers anyway, so let’s try out a cool new style on them‘.

I cut in the cutouts, while wearing the pants, because like this, I was able to feel, where „cutouts were needed“ to relieve the narrowing feeling and the tightness.

Well, it happened, that I cut in cutouts ALLOVER 😀


Now, those basic and normal skinny (vacuuming) trousers are lovely to wear AND have eyecatching detail, which you won’t find in the next store at the corner.

That is a special and unique piece now – and it yells REBEL YELL (We adore you, Billy Idol), because cutouts still (although we are quite free to wear what we want)

let the wearer appear controversial and rebellious.

Good, because it is time to put away old conventions anyway (emancipation anyone?).

Thanks to those many cutouts, I have really been relieved and due to this happy – as you can see.




The basal outfit for the day&night programme

You know how a blog post for the category „2in1“ works – TWO Outfits by switching just ONE Piece. The basal Outfit stays the same, so you can look casual by day (or not; If you want to look elegant, do it – no conventional dictates right here) and less casual (on point, eyy? :-D), but a bit more elegant and glamorous by night (for e.g. dinner, gala, theatre, opera or a girls‘ night out).

So the basic look this time consists of

my (now very) beloved black high-waisted trousers with allover cutouts,
a black belt with golden ornaments,
black leather boots (my favs!),
black net tights,

a black bucket bag and
a golden body.

You know the golden body from the Urban Gangster Chic article: http://www.lasaraleona.com/urban-gangster-chic-hood-with-sewn-in-gold-golden-body/

The basic look is black & gold – in leather and metallic. #trending




2in1 – by day:
Bohemian Rhapsody – embroidered jacket with furry endings

For the day look, I chose a jacket with 3/4 sleeve length from MOIRÉ FASHION. It is a new shop in the old centre of Innsbruck (Kiebachgasse) and

beside its adorable location
(lots of pink and rosé yaaaay),
it offers super lovely fashion pieces
– like this cool jacket!

The jacket á la Bohéme from Moiré Fashion in Innsbruck.


Combined with a golden body, a golden Karl Lagerfeld watch, tons of rings (as always) and a black choker with a bow, the jacket is styled on point. The stage is yours, bohemian jacket!

Fun fact: The Bohemian style fits perfect to my (controversial) allover cut out trousers, because Bohemians are controversial as well – It’s a match! ( Can you smell that rebel breeze in the air?)

Details: Look at this embroidery!


Its colour is Khaki, it has beautiful floral embroidery on the front side and on the sleeves in warm colours and black furry endings at the end of the sleeves and from the waist downwards. This also makes it perfect for the winter time, because it is cozy. The material is terry cloth (reminds me of childhood).

Check out the Bohemian look:

Looks even more Bohemian with that golden body.


So into embroidery.


That is the jacket from Moiré Fashion from the back.


I adore that look with those allover cut out trousers (awsm!).


So into this rose bouquet. lol


Cheers to this fashion key piece. You see – Fur rules the fashion world currently.


Gold & khaki. Embroidery & fur details.




2in1 – by night:
Fur-ious style – XL fur jacket á la shaggy bear

For the night look, I just switched the jacket – and

transformed myself
from a Bohéme (with fur detail)
to a (complete) fur-ious after-hour queen
(lol again).

I styled the basic look with a XL fur jacket á la shaggy bear (reminds me of it). You know this jacket already from the winter trends post: http://www.lasaraleona.com/winter-trends-xl-furs-powerful-red-baroque-romance/

Check out the fur-ious look:

The XL fur is a perfect contrast to the tight basic look.


Gold, black & fur.


This sofa at Moiré Fashion is too lovely.


Gold girl.


Here is the whole look.


Trending detail alert! I also wore net tights.


We just found this and for sure I had to sit in there – Christmas bulb joy!


The furry jacket is super cozy, so the many holes in my trousers are not a big deal in winter at all.


Detail: black choker with a bow and golden bling bling.




How do you like the selfmade cutouts trousers?
And how do you like the bohemian and fur-ious outfit options?




Thank you for the support, Moiré Fashion Innsbruck.