Turban styling PART II – Pink summer vibes


Hey, turban-loving babes!

As promised, you get a second styling inspiration for this awesome, summer-vibes-spreading turban!

And this time, the look is less glam-glam golden, but more bright pink!

La dolce vita at Moiré Fashion

And for all of you, who asked me on Instagram, where the turban is from: It is available at Moiré Fashion, babes! That is a lovely (by the way all over PINK) shop in the old town of Innsbruck – Kiebachgasse ;-). It spreads „la dolce vita“ – and we are all seeking for it, let’s admit it. So check out Moiré Fashion to be and stay en vogue and feel blessed and cheerful!

Tied white blouse / pink highwaist trousers

For the 2nd look, I combined the turban with a white blouse and pink highwaist trousers. I styled the blouse with either loose sleeves, hanging down my arms, or with tied up sleeves.

Additionally, to draw attention to my waist,
I tied together the blouse and used it as a croptop.

Details to the turban styling.
Turban with pink trousers and wedges.

Pink & Yellow

The colourful mix of pink and yellow (the cute basket with trending bobbles) freshens up the look and gives me all the vibes, I need in summer.

By the way, the turban is also a great idea for your festival look! 😉

Which look did you prefer? Number 1 or number 2?

HERE you can check out the first look again.

Tell me in the comments!


Thank you, Moiré Fashion, for your great styling and this hot summer look! I love your fashion, it spreads „la dolce vita“.

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