2in1: Hat love! Rosé & black for a Western performance

It is time for a super easy 2in1 outfit again. So I created a

winter look with hats as key pieces.

I chose just the hats to be switched for day and then for a night out (because: why not going out with a hat?), so this 2in1 outfit is VERY easy to be switched from day look to night look.

Check out the short video to see the look in motion: 

Here are the two looks now, starting with the western-like look:




Rosé hat: Western Girl by day

For the day outfit I chose a rosé hat, which reminds me of a western scene. Actually the set just looks like a set of a Quentin Tarantino film, but it won’t get bloody here, pinky promise 😉

It is incredible, how much diversity this hat offers, depending on the look.

It totally depends on how you style the rosé hat, and it shows you so many different styles – I adore this one!

So this time, I styled the hat to be a Western Girl!

And the scene underlines the styling perfectly.

Here are some pics of the shooting – with and without the plush coat:

Ready for frosty winters in Rosé & Black!


Here the look without the plush coat – just in case it is not that cold.


The combination of the wide rosé hat & the fake fur collar gives the look a wealthy touch!


Rocking winter with Western vibes.


There’s just a horse missing and I’d be Lucky Luke 😀





For the basic look…

I styled black trousers to a rosé pullover with deep decolleté, a black choker with a black bow and golden details, black leather boots, a black leather bag, a black leather jacket with fur collar and a black super trending plush coat.

You might have recognised myself as a black leather lover – well done you.

Black leather stuff and black in general
offers a perfect basis
for cool winter outfits.

Although Colour Blocking is trending now, in winter I am more into gloomy looks.

With or without plush coat – depends on how cold it is.




Black hat: Chic belle by night

For the night, I dropped the black fluffy coat and switched the hat – from rosé á la Western queen to black á la Coco Chanel! Now the look switches from ultra cool to cute and elegant – perfect for a night out or an after hour drink.

From Western Gurl to Chic Belle – by switching just the hat!


At night in a bar or restaurant you won’t need a plush coat.


Hats are such a pleasure!


Fur collar, black hat & lots of black leather.




Details: Choker & fur collar

Western Styling on PEAK: fur collar, black choker & black belt.


With this fur collar, you don’t need a scarf no more! Such a cozy thing – in love with this detail.




Sara Erb
Sara Erb

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