Black Riding HAT, another story of Red Riding Hood

A fairytale… a new version of  „Red Riding Hood“

Once upon a time, there was Sara, a young blogger, who was quite busy styling herself and writing about that.

One day, she had a shooting in the woods. It was already autumn and it wasn’t super cold, because the sun was shining, but it wasn’t warm either. To feel cozy,

she wore her beloved black hat
to protect her ears from the autumn wind and
to not have thousands of insects in her hair
after that stay in the woods. 

Next to the wood, there was a motorway, so the fairytale didn’t end up with getting lost in the wood by picking some flowers. The motorway made it clear, where she was.

Young blogger Sara never lost her way.

And neither did her grandma die. She did stick to the path and came back with lovely pictures. Thank God, she wasn’t as naive as Red Riding Hood was. But well, there wasn’t a wolf at all. Otherwise the story might had ended differently.

(See the vid, then continue reading!)


The young blogger Sara jumped around in the woods, threw some leaves over her with the black hat covered head and had so much fun in the woods! Although there weren’t any flowers, she loved it!

Here are some pics, where the Black Riding Hat is laughing:


After the shooting with lots of fun, she went home to her castle (That’s far from the original story, I know, but let’s make it more glamorous here).

Because she came home without any hassle,
she imputed her hassle-free shooting to her black hat,

which she loved to wear from that day on. It appeared to be her lucky item. A fashionable lucky item!

So the young blogger used her hat
as a tiara
and soon, the princess, who
lived in the castle as well, got to know the idea and
made a trend out of it.

So the young blogger became the princess‘ stylist and was capable of setting trends in the castle and further in the whole land.


Soon, people called her Black Riding Hat and she was known quite quickly for her great inner GPS (and due to this she never loses her way in the woods).

And she lived happily ever after – as the Black Riding Hat.

The End



Black Riding Hat’s Style

Black Riding Hat aka the Young blogger aka La Sara Leona aka me chose a high-waisted pink culotte

(Statement colour! You remember why?
Here’s the article:

with a black leather croptop, because leather is one of the trend materials of the season.

She combined the outfit with a

mustard-coloured autumn coat
with stiff collar & a straight cut. 

And on top of the look she wore her eponymous (something, that your name is dedicated to) fashion piece – the black hat made out of real wool (so the hat is seriously warm and cozy – awesome!).





Details: Leather all in!


She chose comfortable black leather boots

with a thick sole
to be able to do a walk through the woods

(Stilettos wouldn’t have been the best option right here, not even a block heel nor a wedge!).

And – because they are the It-bags at the moment – a black leather Mini bag with golden chain detail.

She topped the whole outfit with blue nail polish (oh yeah!).





Enjoy the second vid:




Not in the Woods:
Black Riding Hat goes Graffiti!

Next to the woods (okayyyyy, I admit it, it were just some trees), there was awesome Graffiti Art, so for sure I did some pictures in front of it as well:




Sara Erb
Sara Erb

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