Glamstar: Furry, mini & a sassy mixture of velvet & leather

Fake fur, mini bag & my „shoe of the month“ with the two trend materials of the season. That is, what’s waiting for you, when you scroll down…

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Fake fur …

… is soooooo trendy right now and the good thing is:

I always had a thing for
fake fur coats and jackets
(just the fake one, I am against real fur),

so my closet gets trendier every day by just being my closet. This fake fur jacket you see in the pictures though, was a kind gift from the shopping centre Sillpark in Innsbruck (thanks to that).


The greatest thing of fake fur jackets is, that they are suitable for cold autumn days (as we have them right now) AND for winter days. Additionally, with a fake fur jacket,

your style is always on peek in the most glamorous way possible.





My shoe of the month:

Black velvet boots from Glamorous

As you might have noticed, once a month I select a „shoe of the month“. This month my total favourite is my adored

black velvet
ankle boot
with leather toecap
and stiletto heel.


It is my „shoe of the month“, because:

  1. The main material is velvet, which is one of the two trend materials this season.
  2. The toecap is made out of leather, which is the second trend material of this season and seen everywhere right now.
  3. They have a very comfortable fit and you can wear them the whole night (wore them for 12 hours once!)
  4. The heel is a stiletto, which upgrades every shoe and brings glamour to your style, when you choose to wear this kind of heel.
  5. They fit to every outfit, because they seem plain. But the choice of material (velvet in combination with leather) draws attention to your feet – due to the fact that this combi is not very usual.





Mini bags – easy, but not functional

Mini bags are THE bag size at the moment, it seems. I have to say, I fought this trend a long time, because I am more the shopper girl – I always carry EVERYTHING, I MIGHT need, with me. Always. (My back is not happy about all that weight.)

At least I got a mini bag (again from the shopping centre Sillpark) and I have to say:

They are very comfortable.


You have barely anything to carry, your back feels relieved and you can walk much better in high heels, because there are no 20 kg on one side of your body (A big shopper is not easy to Balance, agree?).

BUT you also have to squeeze all your belongings in this Thing. And yes, you carry lots of stuff with you in a big bag, but if I sort out the stuff, I REALLY need, it’s not fitting in this tiny bag.

Not even a purse or a pair of sunglasses fit in there.
That’s super unfunctional.

But it looks cute and for a night out, it is perfect! The mini bag for this outfit is made out of leather (no clue, if fake or real, sorry) and has a golden chain detail, which fits perfect to my style.





Glam star! Perfect for a (zickzack) night out!

This outfit includes not just my chosen „shoe of the month“ and a hyped mini bag, but also my choice of fashion pieces for a great party outfit!

A transparent blouse with a zickzack pattern is perfect for a night out.

It draws attention to you and is simply cool.


I styled the zickzack blouse with a

fake fur jacket in Rosé, because it
underlines my teint,

and with a black leather mini bag with gold chains as details. For the bottom I chose something simple:

a plain and classic blue jeans, which I
turned up two times
to shorten the length and
leave some (attention) space for the boots.


As you already know, because it is the selected „shoe of the month“, I styled the look with those adorable black velvet ankle boots with leather toecap and stiletto heel. I decided to wear a ponytail. That is because for clubbing it is nice to not have your hair in your neck and

a ponytail always looks classy by the way.


They are so comfortable, that you can

walk selfconfidently in them and chill your base

the whole night, not worrying about your shoes (heaven!).

That is the look from the back:





How do you like the look?
Do you like fake fur jackets?
What do you think about my chosen „shoe of the month“? Do you like the velvet/leather boots?









VIDEO CLIP – #OIM – outfit in motion:

Here’s a video clip for you, so you can see the movement of the outfit:



With kind support from Sillpark, the shopping centre. Thank you!
Sara Erb
Sara Erb

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