Space up winter – with a padded „Bronze Foil“ jacket

You know, there are some fashion pieces in this world, which I like to call Elevator pieces or key pieces, because they elevate the whole look or are the central piece of the look.

So in this article, I am gonna introduce a pretty awesome elevator piece:

my padded metallic „Bronze Foil“ jacket, as I call it!

But attention: You will be stared at, deal with it. lol





Metallic (bronze) chic is still a Go!

You might have noticed it on the runways at fashion week (I haven’t been there either, but there’s Instagram to show us all the pretty styles live in the stories, right? ;-)) – metallic vibes are still on this year.

So grab your silver boots, your twinkle bags and foil jackets to sparkle futuristically out there – right into spring yaaaaay!

Here some motivated funny vibes from the shoot:




Win-win-piece: Bronze it up

First of all, there is to say: This thing is pretty warm due to the fact, that it is padded, which is awesome, because therefore it

a) holds you warm in winter (unfortunately winter is still a thing – waiting for summer!)

b) but still makes you look hot and stylish. (win-win here, people!)





How I styled the „Bronze Foil“ jacket

I styled this elevator piece with

black highwaisted fake-leather trousers, a light green croptop and black leather boots (one of my favs).

Additionally I combined the futuristic & spacy style with a black bag pocket and net socks in black.

I also put rosé feathers in my hair.



You see, this piece elevates everything you wear. I chose black fake-leather to style it up with, because it makes you look even more fashionable (it is a thing with that fake-leather stuff), like – high street fashion.

Enjoy metallic vibes! Maybe with some bronze foil? 😉 One thing’s sure: I obviously do so!




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