2in1: Camel Vibes with casual Boots

Though it is January, it looks a lot like spring already. And for me, there is one super rule:

Warm times, bright colours! 

It comes up, that there are some new trend colours in the house! Next to ultra violet (really?! You have to have a very great tan to look good in ultra violet…), also camel is en vogue this year. So let’s create an outfit, which includes the trending colour camel and appears bright as the light (or spring)!




2 in 1:

Casual with boots, outré with Vinyl Overknees

I thought, it is time for another „2in1“-editorial, and this time you can wear version 1 and 2 both by day and night. I thought, the black leather boots are casual and very functional, further they are combinable with literally everything. So they are perfect for daily Dos.

To appear a bit more outré and sassier,
I styled my second outfit version with vinyl overknees.

(Remember, that this was a „shoe of the month“? Here’s the article: http://www.lasaraleona.com/vinyl-overknees-are-the-shoes-of-the-season-heres-how-to-style-them/ )




#1 / Camel Vibes with sassy Overknees

Here is my camel & white look with overknees!

I styled white trousers with grey ethno pattern to a camel pullover, a camel hat, a furry white fur jacket, a black Moschino bag and black vinyl overknees.

Obviously very happy about the sun shining yaaaay.

Cheeky with this flawless camel hat!





As always, I wore tons of rings. I wore the pullover oversized, because

I like it, if sleeves cover part of my hand (makes it so mysterious).

My hairbands match the pullover in this case.

The overknees have a thick vinyl stripe on the backside. On the frontside they are made out of suede.

My nails have a metal blue colour,

for sure I added hoops to the look (so my thing).


#2 / Cool & casual with leather boots

For a day option, I styled the look with classic leather boots, suitable for everything (I adore them!).

Again it was fun (okay, I am just always laughing lol).

I am so happy, if the sun shines!



So guys, let me know, how you liked the look, if you’d wear it as well and if you’re a fan of the colour CAMEL!



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    • LaSaraLeona
      10. Januar 2018 / 21:19

      Danke Babe! Ja bin damit auch sehr happy 🙂
      #leonaroaring 😀

      xx Sara

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