My Top10 Looks & Trends from 2017

The year 2017 is over and it is time to look back at all the happenings, the Yays and the Nays and – for sure the most awesome styles and the best trends from my point of view! You’ll find this article in the section „Challenges“ as well, because life is challenging (fact).

Another thing, you should know:

You’ll see the trend material leather, fake fur coats and jackets as well as highwaisted styles very often in my Top10, because they have been trending the whole year

and I like those trends very well (obviously, if I wore them all year long lol).





My biggest Yay in 2017 was definitely in June, when I have founded my blog. I had the idea, because friends always said, I should totally run a blog, it would be ’so me‘ (they hit it – it is true lol). By the time, more and more people on the streets asked me, if I was a blogger (Serious! Couldn’t believe this either the first times), and I got highly motivated to just try this out.

It was a perfect tool for writing about what I am passionate about – fashion –

so I could focus more on other topics as an editor for a weekly newspaper and stop putting fashion content into EVERY article (my boss was happy about this fact indeed).

I am still super happy, that I founded La Sara Leona and I am already excited, what the new year may bring!





Well, my Nay of the year took place at the beginning of 2017 and was about a lost love. We have been together for quite long, so it was a tough time separating and finding myself again.

But well, lovers come and go…

The most important thing is to love yourself and be happy and content (!) with yourself. Women empower anyway. We stand our grounds and are self-confident and strong, I love seeing this happen in society (this is a Yay now by the way).




My Top10 looks from 2017

#1 / Fake it, Baby! Fake piercings – summer’s hype

In summer, fake piercings were totally hyped and I totally loved that, because – well, like this

I could have piercings without any pain #winwin. 


#2 / Sexy Neck: Included Choker – my fav Accessoire of 2017

Chokers ruled 2017 and they look very sexy on our beautiful necks. Did you know, boys love love love necks? I guess, with chokers even more. I found a top with an included choker at Zara’s here and styled it with a faux fur jacket, net tights (also a trend!!!) and highwaisted leather skirt.

I let the net tights be visible above, because I like this styling. #noexplanationneeded


#3 / Baroque Romance: Embroidery

Baroque Romance has been an autumn thing this year. I love this look here, cuz it appears like a softball in rosé in my opinion.

The embroidered highwaisted (what else?) skirt made out of tulle is an obsession by itself.

With the faux fur jacket in rosé you don’t even need a top.


#4 / Yellow fellow: Yellow – yet to come in spring 2018!

Yellow is on the Go for spring 2018, this has been already made clear on the B&&B convention in Berlin. So I styled my hip individualized Nike Air in yellow with a yellow croptop, highwaisted (you see, I can’t without) trousers with belted waist and leather jacket (#permatrend).


#5 / Show your shoulders! Ruffled Offshoulder Croppies (and waist belt and teddy coat)

It has been the year of „Carmen“ – the off- or one-shouldered blouse or top style, preferably with ruffles. And this thing with ruffles was hunting us 2017.

I love ruffles, because they make a look sexy but still feminine.

But now it is enough with ruffles, please. Thanks.


#6 / Gold digger: Metallic gold

Not to forget THIS trend now: METALLIC everywhere. I am into sparkly or shimmering things anyway, so why not dressing up with a gold foil body? I couldn’t find a reason for not doing this either, so here is my metallic gold inspired look

– with golden embroidered hat with my name on and golden sewn-in stitches in the coat.


#7 / Crop it like its hot! cropped Sweater – in winter’s trend colour red

Oh yeah, another permatrend this year: Red ruled the cold season. In autumn, it was very likely to wear cropped sweaters in red.

The fashion industry currently has a thing with cropped tops and highwaisted trousers obviously.

I styled the sweater with – surprise – leather jacket and highwaisted leather skirt. And with velvet boots (another trend!).


#8 / Do it yourself: My self-designed sweater

Uh, that was a big and cool thing for me 2017. My slogan and my artist name on clothing. Life goal achieved. Remember:

„The real Lion King is a SHE.“
– La Sara Leona –


#9 / Soft and cozy: Velvet Vibes with Metallics

Here we go, the velvet trend. Some love it, some hate it, I obviously love it.

It is cozy for winter and the Royals wear it for ages, so why not?!

Again, I styled it with a metallic top (#retrending) and velvet/leather boots. That was my XMas look, if you remember :-*



#10 / Sassy Shoes: Vinyl Overknees – 2017’s trend shoe

Oh yeah, number 10 is for the fashion rulers! Overknees were the hyped shoes in 2017 – preferably in vinyl and red (I know, what you think now).

In Tyrol, it is a thing of impossibility to wear red vinyl overknees without getting excluded from church, so I decided to choose vinyl overknees in black.

(I know, the difference is from minor existence, but at least…. right?)

Love them or hate them, I don’t care, because I am so damn into those shoes, I would defend them like a child (must be ‚la leona‘ in me haha).

Oh, and I styled them with a ruffled blazer. #ruffles


Happy New Year!

So this were my Top10 looks of the year, including the coolest trends and the most discussed ones (choker – from SM/stands for feminism and self-empowerment, fake piercings – „either real or nothing“, vinyl overknees – compared with domina looks/too sassy/controversial).

I think, fashion should and actually HAS TO be controversial. Like this, people get a voice through fashion and can express their opinions and mindsets with clothing. #protestaporter


I wanna thank you all for supporting me with so much love on my blog and on social media! I wish you a happy new year 2018 and I hope, that it will be as awesome as this one.


If you have any wishes for 2018 – what content you wanna read, what styles you wanna see, what you’d like to be changed on the blog – let me know! I am happy for any source of advice!







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Sara Erb

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