„90s back alright!“ Denim, white sneaks & fisher hat

A cool stretchy pose for the artsy 90s style shooting in Innsbruck with red flare trousers, denim jacket and white sneakers of course.

Hello my loves!It’s time for some fashion, don’t ya think? As you might have seen, I am more and more writing about Mindfulness, because it personally attracts and interests me. My latest article was about Migraine and how I deal with it. Buuuuut it is still a fashion blog as well and many of you write me almost daily, how you love styling inspirations and tipps. 🙂
So here we go! Let’s talk about the 90s look and how to style it.

Portrait from La Sara Leona with black fisher hat and vintage jeans jacket in 90s style.

Artsy details are an important part of 90s fashion.

Trends of the 90s

The 90s were MY decade. I was born in 1993, so I mean this literally. 😀 What did we wear back then?

1. Denim

The answer is: DENIM, DENIM, DENIM. That was a thing (to be honest it still is). Denim is easy to wear, comfortable and it fits to almost everything. Denim is a style allrounder. Somehow clear, why it was so hyped.

2. Sneakers

Additionally to denim, sneakers were a beloved shoe (funny, also this somehow didn’t really change). Back then, everybody wore the famous Buffalos in white with chunky sole, but also Nike and Adidas and Reebok were popular in the 90s. I have always been #teamnike, that’s why I am wearing only them – only. 😀

3. Fisher hat

Check out famous TV series from the 90s and you will clearly see: The fisher hat was a trend. Especially rapper used to wear it, that’s why it was „cool“ to wear one. 😉

4. Art in fashion

Lol again. This is a thing again. Trends will always come back somehow, do you agree? 😉 It was trending to put art on fashion. Just see all the T-shirts with prints from Andy Warhol on it!
So when I was in London, I for sure went to Bricklane to shop some vintage pieces (that is the best place for it! #insiderhack). And there I found this denim jacket with an artsy embroidery in Picasso style on it!
I am not quite sure, which painting it should represent, maybe it is „Woman in Hat and Fur Collar“ from 1937 or probably inspired by „The Weeping Woman“, also from 1937.
However, I loved it straight from the beginning and had to have it! 10 minutes and 100 pounds later, it was MINE 😛

So here is, how I styled my 90s look:

  • super flare, high waisted trousers in red
  • white Nike AF1 (my favorite sneakers by the way, HERE is another article about them – in the color yellow!)
  • easy black croptop
  • black fisher hat
  • KEY PIECE: denim jacket with artsy details
Blogger La Sara Leona is posing in the urban area of Innsbruck with black croptop, red flare trousers, white sneakers from Nike, fake fur coat and fisher hat to style a 90s look.
Portrait in the wind from blogger Sara Erb aka La Sara Leona.
La Sara Leona gets portraited in 90s style wearing a denim jacket which is embroidered with picasso art in Innsbruck.

I hope you enjoyed the styling inspiration! That’s just one way how to style the 90s trends, but I really like the urban street style look with its individual details (Picasso, oh yeah!).
Will you try this look out once? 😉

xx Sara

Sara Erb
Sara Erb

Sara Erb ist Coachin für Selbstbewusstsein, Weiblichkeit (Yin-Energie) und Berufung.
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Sie betreibt zusätzlich den Blog LA SARA LEONA zu den Themen Achtsamkeit und Frausein sowie den LEONA LETTER, der wöchentlich Selbstbewusstseinstipps enthält.
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