BERRY CHRISTMAS! Ruffles & Berry for a Christmassy Time

We are in the middle of the pre-Christmassy time and I love it!

Sparkly lights everywhere
the scent of gingerbread in the air!

Smiling for Christmas!


Ok, in this picture you barely see the sparkly lights, because they get switched on at night. However, you have a Christmassy picture in your heads, I guess, and you know, what I am talking about 🙂

At this time of the year, I love – love – LOVE – to do shopping, because the whole city is magical and I get in a very gifting mood. By the way, I wrote an article about Christmas Gift Ideas, so

if you still search for some gift inspiration,
here it is:




Berry Christmas to you!

For my Christmas shopping, I chose a very berry outfit, which gets me even more in a Christmassy mood. (I really can’t stop using the word Christmas loool)

I styled a black ruffled off-shoulder croptop
with a berry highwaisted jeans,
a black leather belt with golden details,
a black leather bag,
black boots,
with the jeans matching earrings – also in berry –
and a very fluffy fluff fluff teddy coat!

I love my very fluffy fluff fluff teddy coat.


Thinking about what gifting on Christmas lol.



This is my Christmas shopping look – ruffled top & highwaisted Jeans with teddy coat.



Styled for shopping in the city. Berry Christmas!


With a very high ponytale off-shoulder appears so elegant. #inlove


Walking through Christmas time.


Never without my teddy coat.


Berry in the city.




Berry match: jeans & earrings

To the berry highwaisted jeans, I styled berry earrings for a matching appearance.

Berry jeans & berry earrings.


A berry match.


Berry is a warm colour.




Waist attention – belted!

To draw attention to my waist, I put a black thin leather belt with golden details round it. Like this, the belt also puts together the berry jeans a little more, because this piece is a bit too wide for me. Problem easily solved!

I put on a belt to put together the wide jeans a bit more.


Hi, Christmassy and magical time of the year.




Ruffle match: croptop & socks

To bring the ruffles from above to down on my feet, I chose black socks with satin ruffles.

Subtle ruffles down there.


Ruffles for Christmas.





So this is for sure not the last Christmassy Christmas article (sorry, I can’t stop writing it), there are more Christmas outfits yet to come! Be excited and stay tuned!

See you soon on :-*





Sara Erb
Sara Erb

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