7 XMas Gift Ideas for Body, Hair & Face


It is time to shop the last gifts for our beloved ones, but many of us – including me for sure – wait till the very last day to find lovely presents for friends and family. The closer Christmas is, the busier it gets on the streets. Everyone is into shopping and freaking out in shopping centres.

Most of us have still gifts on the list, which need to get bought.

Well, challenge accepted!

So I thought, maybe you need some ideas for gifting! I am introducing seven products – from Kiehl’s and Lush – now to you, which I have all tried out already, so you get first-hand-information about the products 🙂


1. Fruity Conditioner for under the shower

The „Buck’s Fizz“ body conditioner from Lush is a lovely treat for under the shower with Cognac Oil and Pink Grapefruit. Additionally there is orange and lime oil, murumuru and shea butter as well as coconut oil in it.

Apply it under the shower, when your skin is still wet. It is soooo easy and

perfect for everyone, who’s just too lazy for lotioning afterwards.

Price: 17,95 Euro

2. Soap, that smells like pear cake

The „Golden Pear“ soap from Lush is a

perfect gift for everyone, who loves the scent of pear (and Christmas).

This soap looks cool and smells chrismassy. There is also cardamom oil in it. Gift someone with this soap, who is totally into the smell of pear cake!

Price: 8,95 Euro


3. Colourful gift: Black Rose lip balm

This naked lip balm from Lush called „Black Rose“ is a glamorous gift for all the women out there. The naked lip balm

looks black, but applied on your lips, it becomes pink!

And it is a very longlasting lip balm, so do not apply the colour with bare hands, use a tissue instead to hold the naked lip balm. There is watermelon and jojoba oil in it, also Ylang-Ylang.

Price: 9,45 Euro

4. Sweet gift: Scrub your lips with Candy

The lip scrub „Sugar Plum Fairy“ from Lush is a lovely gift for women and men to treat your lips.

It is made out of sugar, so you can scrub your lips and lick the rest lol. 

It is made out of illipé butter, jojoba and orange oil as well as murumuru butter (Please don’t ask me, what this is).

Price: 9,45 Euro

Find all the Lush products here:


5. Refreshing gift: Cucumber Cleanser

The face wash „cucumber herbal conditioning cleanser“ from Kiehl’s is a gel-lotion for all skin types, especially for dry or sensitive skin though.

It is foaming and melts away dirt and impurities from the face.

I love it, although I am a peeling freak. There is plant-based glycerin and cucumber extract in it to moisture the skin.

Price: 19,00 Euro


6. Amino Acid Shampoo straightens the hair

Kiehl’s „Amino Acid Shampoo“ is made with pure coconut oil and you can feel that.

It is a perfect gift for everyone, who has struggle with taming hair.

I have a very voluminous mane, so this shampoo helps me bring my hair under control. If you or your beloved one fancy a straight hair style, this is the perfect shampoo.

Price: 19,00 Euro

7. Smoothing gift: Oily treat for hair tips

This oil-infused leave-in concentrate from Kiehl’s is a rich treat for your hair tips. It is very smoothing. You just put it into the tips after or before hair drying (as you wish) and

your tips are compact, smooth and treated with argan and babassu oil.

Price: 9,50 Euro

Find all the Kiehl’s products here:


Me at Kiehl’s choosing hair and face treatments.

Hopefully you found something nice for your beloved ones or for you! Happy Christmas shopping so far,


Thank you, Kiehl’s and Lush, for your support and the products!
Sara Erb
Sara Erb

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