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Check out THIS new gypsy style with fake septum & oriental trousers!

Well, you might have seen them more and more often, because they are quite trending right now:

fake piercings.

And to be honest, I love them as well.

Being pierced without getting pierced,

without the pain, without the durance of a real piercing – that’s almost beyond perfect.

Especially in a time, when trends change every two weeks.

So I tried some of those piercings. I started with some on my ear. They looked gorgeous and so real, that people even asked me, where i got them from.




It has been the solution


Then I have been shopping in a mall and spotted out a fake septum.

I really always wanted one, but I did never dare to get one.


So FOR SURE I immediately bought it, because it was just the perfect solution. I liked it, but I knew that some people will totally not like it. So I liked it even more 😀

Somehow it gave me that gypsy feeling, that empowered me and motivated me and yes – i know that this sounds freaky. But fashion can also give you power, so why not accessories?

A septum is such a controversial thing (at least in Tyrol – sad, but true), so

it gives you thrills wearing it, because you

don’t obey

in some way. 

It is unconventional. Great!





My gypsy style:

septum, crop top & fluttering oriental trousers


I styled my beloved fake septum with

high-waisted black chiffon trousers, a slime green crop top & a white cape (that gives you that wonderwoman feeling, you remember?).


That white cape gave the outfit the business touch,

i needed for the day, otherwise – with septum and dangerously high cut trousers – this would have been too controversial (even for me, and I seriously like the edgy and „risky“ side of fashion).

That high-waisted trousers are very thin, so nice to wear in summer.

They are opened on the outsides,
so if there was wind,
they’d flutter in a quite sexy way

and show some of your legs. Also when walking, they move smoothly and

let you appear like princess Yasmine from Disney’s Aladdin.

(And yes, i know, that she is a princess, not a gypsy, but she wears quite similar trousers in the Disney movie.)




I love those trousers.

I styled the look with flats in black with a golden ornament on it – from Ipanema – because that gold fitted the accessories.

In the picture on the left you see,

how much skin those trousers show, if the wind blows.




Lots of chokers and a septum, please!

I took a deep grasp into the accessories pot!


For sure, it was all about that septum. I combined it with

three choker round my neck and golden creoles (so gypsy).

I added fake piercings on my ear as well and I even had a dusty gold ankle bracelet with Swarovski crystals round my ankle. The fun part is:

When i am walking, it jangles (so gypsy again).

As always, I wore tons of rings and I put some

wood green nail polish on to stay with the green palette.

Because it was a business event, i wore my golden Karl Lagerfeld watch with a edging, that looks like a crown.




How do you like the look? And HOW DO YOU LIKE THE FAKE PIERCING???
Tell me in the comments!


Here’s my Instagram post with all the credits –>


xx, La Sara Leona



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