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Jump in and go! Jumpsuits are easy like SUMMER

Jump in! They are super easy to wear and quick to put them on and

totally stylish in summer anyway

– this time it is all about the beloved one-piece JUMPSUIT

#jumpsuitloveforreal <3


You may not believe it, but i bought this one at Primark 😉






Comfy & easy

It is a thin material, which is nice to wear in summer, and it is quite comfy anyway.

The colourful print is so eyecatching that u are dressed with this single piece, i love that.

I styled the jumpsuit with black high heels and a black leather bag á la school girl (for the holy touch haha as if that would work 😀 ).

As always, i have tons of rings on my fingers 😉




Jump in that suit and you are dressed! 

Life can be so easy 😀


xoxo, La Sara Leona

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