Batman & Butterfly – These pieces make you look cool & feminine!



I really love highwaisted stuff. It is supercozy,

puts your hips in perfect shape and draws attention to your waist.






In summer (and spring actually), linen is the ideal material. It cools and it is light. Great for a really hot day (and when you are not supposed to wear a bikini all day long, for example when in the office haha).


Okay, you have to iron it about 10 times a day and it still looks like u just haven’t ironed it at all, but however, it is really functional (and in summer nothing is a big deal anyway 😉 )

So for me THE pants of the warm time of the year are highwaisted linen trousers!

And the best is yet to come: Those linen pants i’m wearing are highwaisted and fluttering – So you get an butterfly effect on your outfit that spreads even more of your charisma. I t   i s   a w s m!


 The perfect mixture – Batman and butterfly

I am very into mixing styles. And just feeling like a butterfly with those linen highwaist pants is cute though, but … well, just cute.

The arrrrr-element is missing, so i styled my linen pants with a (as well fluttering) leather jacket to have a cool and edgy chic on that (supergorgeous) outfit yaaaaay 🙂

The leather jacket is quite thin
and has an asymmetric cut with
batman-like endings at the front.
I love this piece.



I combined the linen pants – the butterfly part – and the fluttering leather jacket – the batman part haha – with a simple black croptop with no decolleté to leave the eyecatching part on my waist. I didn’t choose high heels, cuz i wanted an really cool and casual style, so



i finished the look with
black shimmering Nike Air. 



Cool & feminine



So the Nike Air and the leather jacket as well as the black croptop, which looks quite sporty, make the look cool.

The linen trousers ensure that the outfit has an feminine side.

<— feminine and lovely /////////// cool and edgy —>







The soft, but colourful make-up


To have a make-up that harmonizes with my outfit, i chose an dark lilac eyeshadow with no sparkle or glitter and anything. The colour is attracting enough anyway, no more glitter needed 😛

To not forget „Batman“ (lol), i drew a fine black eye line.

Batman and butterfly united again 😀


My hair are curly as nearly each day and

my smile was more butterfly than batman 😉




Butterflies love flowers



As we all know, butterflies LOVE flowers (as we actually all do).

So to finish the look with accessories, i chose a

statement necklace in gold
with big white flowers
to support the butterfly part a bit more 😉




All my love and loads of butterfly and batman moments to you!

xx Sara



Sara Erb
Sara Erb

Sara Erb ist Coachin für Selbstbewusstsein, Weiblichkeit (Yin-Energie) und Berufung.
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