My first job as a stylist – how great is this business pls?!

There was so much fashion love in the air, i could barely breathe! Everyone was excited and i smelled the taste of passion in the air!

I had my first job as a stylist at the „Fashion & Fete“ in Hall in Tyrol and it was seriously hilarious. I’m still stunned.

How i got my very first stylist job

But let’s start from the beginning … I’ve got to know Geli, my boss in crime, as we would say, in her shoe shop a while ago and she was very into my outfit :-D. So she asked me what i am doing, if i’m working in the fashion biz and i agreed and told her, that i just finished courses in styling at the academy for fashion and design in munich. So she told me that a huge fashion show with loads of shops and their fashion is planned in Hall at the end of June.

I was so into it and even more, when she asked me, if i’d like to be her stylist for the show. She’d need someone, who’s combining her shoes with cool outfits, which present the brand in a perfect way. I said i could do that and so the cooperation started.

Geli and me before the show – sorry for the link, i forgot to save the picture before instagramming it 😀

Thoughts behind the styling

The basic look

We surely wanted to present her shoes in a cool way, cuz they just are. So we decided to choose a shirt dress in denim grey. It fits to really everything and gives the look a cool chic.

To include something trending, i wanted nettights. They are supersexy and lift the cool chic to a glam level and i love that <3 

Put in on a tablet for those eyecatching moments

So this was our basic look, because it was still all about the shoes and nothing should have stolen the shoes‘ show, you know 😉 We had the idea to present some of the shoes – those with colourful heels for example – on a tablet. So the models could present the shoes on them itselfs by wearing them and on a tablet putting them in the whole flash lights of the night.

We had a drag queen for modeling – yaaaay!

The best thing was: Geli knows a drag queen and – because we a) wanted to be special and b) wanted to do an understatement and support the LGBT scene, because it is really time for that, we asked „Vanessa Community“ to rock the runway for our fashion show. For sure she said yes and we styled her in the most eyecatching and great way ever. She went at first, because we knew, this would bring immediate attention to the show.

She wore a red sequin dress and black shoes (her own ones though) with a curly red wig, which she made all by herself and remembered me of Medusa somehow (it was awsm!).

She had lilac make-up on (we said lilac would fit to red AND green – her second outfit) and she presented a red snake leather shoe with a pointy front on a tablet. People loved it!

Her second outfit was a black sequin dress with a curly green wig, those black shoes and a green/yellow/blue leather boot on the tablet. She got the most showy look possible and we created her look in a decent, but drag queen way.

She was eyecatching anyway, so i said, it would be the best to play not too much with colours and match the outfit with the shoe in one and the same colour to not risk an visual overload 😀

 This is Vanessa Community with fashion show presenter Alfons Haider.
Ain’t she looking gorgeous?? <3

Fitting time is fun time!

You see this whole mess there?! 😀 I didn’t photoshop it on purpose, because i wanted to give you an real insight in the preparation phase 😉

At the fitting day i got to know Vanessa and i loved her. We had so much fun creating her looks. I planned to let her run at first and at last, so she was quite important for the whole show concept. When we finished her styling and discussed how she moved and so on, i started styling the other looks. We had 6 models, so we styled 6 looks. Our fitting model was the „spring type“ and most of our models at the show were „summer types“ or „spring types“ as well, so this was good for fitting.

To pimp the looks with a extracool hit, i styled summerscarfs hanging down one shoulder.

So the model had the possibility to play with them and it gave some of the outfits the asymmetrical touch i really like.

We put each outfit in one big bag for a perfect organized show.

The big show – Swallalalaa

Here is when we were on the go to the show – excited <3

We were sooooooo nervous, because it should have rained on the day the show was and it didn’t the whole day. In Austria this means, that it will rain later and with tons of water. The show started at 8pm and was Open air and we were begging that it won’t start raining. We met our models and had a rush breathing before the show started.

Our shows song was Swalla from Jason DeRulo, because it gives you thrills and motivation and makes you feel sexy and all that is great emotion for our show. 

It – thank God – did not rain and the show was a huge success and everyone was just so into Vanessa and the looks i’ve created, i was sooo damn proud, i honestly still am!

I loved styling the show, it was a wrap! <3 <3 <3

I’m so thankful for this great experience and ready for the next one woohoo! 😉

Love to all of you!

xx Sara

PS: Sorry, i can’t show you pics from the show, i’ve been soooo busy while the show, i really didn’t think of it and wouldn’t have no time anyway. Will manage that better the next time, pinky promise :-*

Sara Erb
Sara Erb

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