Fête Blanche – the Stainless-Eating-Challenge

Time passes by rushly these days, so it’s already weekend again (Don’t get it wrong, I’m preaching for it since Monday 😀 But week went by quickly). On Sunday I got invited to a Fête Blanche at a beautiful park near Innsbruck. It was sunny and warm and everyone was dressed in white. Felt like being in heaven!

We got Prosecco and Goodie Bags – yep, definitely heaven 😀 – and spent our Sunday evening lovely with friends. So I also met my friends, Singer „Hannah“ and her husband Willi. It’s always fun with those guys. After doing a few Boomerangs and Insta-Stories (alright, it weren’t „few“ :-D), we went to have dinner and it was soooooo yummy!


Stainless dinner was the mission

I don’t remember all of it, but for first course we got smoked fish with Gervais-Creme and then a soup (don’t remember what it was, it was soup). The main course was something with beef (totally yummy!) and

the desert – my favourite course –
was a chocolate cake with marinated strawberries and lemon sorbet <3

I loved it. But I loved the most the fact, that I didn’t produce any stains on my WHITE outfit. This has been the challenge of the day for real.

We were all in white
and then got a 4-course-dinner.

#challengeaccepted !

And the best: I did succeed for no special reason and had NO stains on my white (and rosé) outfit. Been so proud, incredible. Although i got enough luck to stay all in white, others were less lucky. The chocolate cake was a tricky pleasure and many of the invited guests‘ outfits did not survive this (highly addictive) course without falling victim of the brown and sticky yumstuff.

Chocolate and white outfit –> bad combination.

You see, #thestruggleisreal



Pimp it up

As you can see, there is this white cape again! „Holy, how obsessed must she be with it?!“ you may think. Probably I am. Okay, obviously.

But this piece is just perfect.

It pimps EVERY outfit up,
makes u spread sparkles and glam vibes everywhere,
is covering and
still comfy to wear
without making u sweat all the time in summer.

I went home late (for sure) and enjoyed this evening a lot – all in white, with music-friends, with this super awesome cape on (sorry, can’t stop admiring this thing).





Meeting people is always a bless for me.

I love talking, laughing, having fun with people. This makes me blossom and that’s why i love it.

As a communication seeker and outgoing person it is great to do chats and get in touch. #loveit




Wish you all lovely chats with people u like, happy summer so far (although it rains in Tyrol yaaaaay #not).

xoxo Sara



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