Côte d’Azur Part I: Welcome to SAINT TROPEZ!

Hey loves! As you all might have noticed, I was travelling through South France and exploring the Côte d’Azur. As always, I’d like to share the experience with you, but due to the huge mass of Pictures, I decided to split my travel experience in three parts. Here is part I – WELCOME TO ST. TROPEZ!

Flowers, Gin Tonic & „la tarte tropezienne“

In St. Tropez you see lots of cute little streets, shabby but beautiful walls, scented flowers and lovely food (lovely means super fat, but gorgeous here). We have been at the market and due to the fact, that it wasn’t summer season, it wasn’t too crowded.

We explored the little streets, saw adorable bunches of flowers (and I always had to smell them) and

for sure tasted THE dessert of St. Tropez – LA TARTE TROPEZIENNE.

It is made out of sweet dough (like the one, we use for Easter pastry), filled with rich vanilla cream. It is super fat and super great! 😀

For sure, after this we had to detoxify our bodies and grabbed us a Gin Tonic in the sun. #sodamndetoxing

shabby, but beautiful walls. (and yes, I know, that my bra strap is visible, but I didn’t care)

In the southerners, so many things just don’t count and aren’t important at all. My hair is messy because of the sea wind? Who cares? My feet hurt because of my shoes? Go barefoot. My bra strap is visible on a picture for my blog? Why am I wearing a bra anyway?

I love the simplicity of southern countries.
They are easy, they don’t stress, they live in a fulfilling flow and
enjoy life and living at its fullest.

Jardin Secret – all pink here.
green and planted. <3
Give me a bunch of flowers and I’ll be fine.
The typical dessert of St. Tropez: la tarte tropezienne.
Gin Tonic sipping in St. Tropez. #must

My look „tropezienne“:

Trending wrap top with flowers & classic culotte

The outfit, I chose for St. Tropez, included a

classic it-piece
– a wide black culotte –
and a trending must-have for this season
– a wrap top with flower print.

We took the pictures at the port.
Actually the sea was pretty cold, but I ruled it here haha. #baywatch
Never without my Prada shades.
Waiting for DJ Antoine lol (spoiler: he wasn’t here. too bad).
The culotte is highwaisted.
Details: black pouch & white slip-ons. White shoes are a thing in St. Tropez.
Me, tryna find my inner balance. After hundred tries (or more), I did it! #strike
Hi, sea & sun, I love you! Later that day, it got fresh, so I put on my baby blue coat, which matches with some flowers in my wrap top.

Detoxifying the soul in Saint Tropez

So this was Saint Tropez, loves!

Small, but adorable and
with lots of luxurious yachts and ships at the port (stunning ones!).
And in summer, you can party all day long there!
(too bad, it wasn’t party season yet).

This small town is good for your soul.

If you go there once, make sure you’ll taste la tarte tropezienne!

Here’s one last picture of me balancing, because

I am really into detoxifying my soul,
when I am at the sea.
#almostaballerina #almostalmost #positivevibesonly

Happy Weekend!

xx Sara

PS: Fancy more news about my Côte d’Azur journey? HERE IS PART II!

Sara Erb
Sara Erb

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