Côte d’Azur Part II: Rich & royal in the city state MONACO

In Monaco, wealth and money is in the air. You can almost smell it. Though the city state is known for its wealthy (and often famous or royal) population, there is much more Monaco has to offer!

Follow me in my pictures through the colourful and bright and VERY clean (omg I have never seen something like this before, it is so so so clean!) city state at the Côte d’Azur – you’ll be surprised.

In case you have missed Part I of this travel report, HERE is my travel report about Saint Tropez.

Monaco Ville

Monaco Ville is up the hill and from there you have a beautiful view above the port and the rest of Monaco.

The city state is built at a bay, Monaco Ville is on the one side up a hill, Monte Carlo on the other one up a hill.

It reminded me a little of San Francisco somehow 😀

The most beautiful thing in Monaco Ville are the bright and colourful painted walls as well as the cute parks with diverse flowers and green plants.

Slayin‘ through those colourful alleys.
That’s the church in Monaco Ville.
That is a very ancient church in Monaco Ville with beautiful architecture a la Belle Epoque.

Clean af:

The streets there are so pretty. And look at those house walls! The whole „district“ looks like painted.

DIY fashion hack:

In the mornings, it was pretty fresh at the Côte d’Azur, that is why we really wore a lot, but during the day it got warm and spring-like, so I transformed my basic tanktop into a cropped version by knotting it up 😉 Not super high fashion style, but when travelling, everything is easy anyway, right? 😉

This was on one the many colourful and stunning walls in Monaco Ville. This place is so bright and painted and positive. I loved it there.
Behind me you can see the port and Monte Carlo (with that blue building there, don’t ask me, what it is).

Panorama View

Who that athletic gurl? #lasaraleonagoessporty #not

Here you get a panorama view of Monaco city, bay and Monte Carlo. Told you, that the view in Monaco Ville is crazily great. 

My longcoat in suede matches the garage gate. #lifestylegoalz

No more words needed. Fall in love with Monaco Ville. (But honestly, I don’t wanna know, how much you pay for living there. I got to know, that one sqaremeter is about 50.000 Euros. If that is really true… wtf.)

Apricot pleasure on the hill side.

Told you about the beautiful and amazing parks, right? Did I mention the view? That is mindblowing. This park is called Jardin St. Martin btw.

Monte Carlo – the high society hotspot

While Monaco Ville is bright and colourful and kind of a calmed zone,
there is a lot of hullabaloo about Monte Carlo.

There, you find pompous villas, many construction areas, new buildings, renovations and due to this – noise. Here is the active, vivacious part of the city state. With lots of designer shops and the famous Casino Monte Carlo.

Not really a high quality picture, but let’s focus on this adorable street.
Growing plants everywhere. It is like Zeus gives daily special treats to this place.

Les Pavillons

Pure excitement! Sonia Rykiel and many others have their shops in „Les Pavillons“ Monte Carlo, a little designer village.

Here we are. The Casino Monte Carlo. A breathtaking building, I reckon.
Bye, pretty city state, it was nice to meet you.

Can we learn from Monaco?

After seeing Monaco Ville with its super clean habits (by the way: There is also Prince Albert’s palace, I forgot to take a picture, sorry, guys), I asked myself, if we can’t keep our cities this clean either? I’d be pretty interested in their system of enviromental care and cleanliness. But sure – it is a rich and well-organized city state, so maybe, that’s why things work out so properly.

However, I was really stunned by how they care about their city state.

Clean streets, no garbage on the streets, also no chewing gums by the way,
well and colourful painted houses, constant renovations,
perfectly watered parks and flowers. 

No wonder, that a squaremeter costs that much lol. Although, Monte Carlo is loud and noisy and busy – there is life. And it has definitely flair.

So lucky, that a seagull photobombed our epic pic haha.

xx Sara

Sara Erb
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