DIY & 2in1: Selfmade ALLOVER CUTOUTS styled á la BOHEMIAN & FUR-ious!

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Allover cutouts to relieve the trouser’s tightness

It is time for a new selfmade DIY-Piece, don’t you think so? I have black high-waisted trousers, which are super sexy, but incredibly uncomfortable, because

they are just so so SO skinny,
it feels like your legs are
in a vacuum
(not a pleasure at all).

We all know the quote „Beauty knows no pain“, but sorry, that is just not true.

So well, I really liked those trousers, because they look great on me (lol), but

I had to get rid of that constricting feeling somehow

– so why not just cutting some cutouts in there (incredible lexical choice, I know). I had this idea one day before Halloween and I still needed a costume, so I thought ‚I can’t wear those trousers anyway, so let’s try out a cool new style on them‘.

I cut in the cutouts, while wearing the pants, because like this, I was able to feel, where „cutouts were needed“ to relieve the narrowing feeling and the tightness.

Well, it happened, that I cut in cutouts ALLOVER 😀


Now, those basic and normal skinny (vacuuming) trousers are lovely to wear AND have eyecatching detail, which you won’t find in the next store at the corner.

That is a special and unique piece now – and it yells REBEL YELL (We adore you, Billy Idol), because cutouts still (although we are quite free to wear what we want)

let the wearer appear controversial and rebellious.

Good, because it is time to put away old conventions anyway (emancipation anyone?).

Thanks to those many cutouts, I have really been relieved and due to this happy – as you can see.




The basal outfit for the day&night programme

You know how a blog post for the category „2in1“ works – TWO Outfits by switching just ONE Piece. The basal Outfit stays the same, so you can look casual by day (or not; If you want to look elegant, do it – no conventional dictates right here) and less casual (on point, eyy? :-D), but a bit more elegant and glamorous by night (for e.g. dinner, gala, theatre, opera or a girls‘ night out).

So the basic look this time consists of

my (now very) beloved black high-waisted trousers with allover cutouts,
a black belt with golden ornaments,
black leather boots (my favs!),
black net tights,

a black bucket bag and
a golden body.

You know the golden body from the Urban Gangster Chic article:

The basic look is black & gold – in leather and metallic. #trending




2in1 – by day:
Bohemian Rhapsody – embroidered jacket with furry endings

For the day look, I chose a jacket with 3/4 sleeve length from MOIRÉ FASHION. It is a new shop in the old centre of Innsbruck (Kiebachgasse) and

beside its adorable location
(lots of pink and rosé yaaaay),
it offers super lovely fashion pieces
– like this cool jacket!

The jacket á la Bohéme from Moiré Fashion in Innsbruck.


Combined with a golden body, a golden Karl Lagerfeld watch, tons of rings (as always) and a black choker with a bow, the jacket is styled on point. The stage is yours, bohemian jacket!

Fun fact: The Bohemian style fits perfect to my (controversial) allover cut out trousers, because Bohemians are controversial as well – It’s a match! ( Can you smell that rebel breeze in the air?)

Details: Look at this embroidery!


Its colour is Khaki, it has beautiful floral embroidery on the front side and on the sleeves in warm colours and black furry endings at the end of the sleeves and from the waist downwards. This also makes it perfect for the winter time, because it is cozy. The material is terry cloth (reminds me of childhood).

Check out the Bohemian look:

Looks even more Bohemian with that golden body.


So into embroidery.


That is the jacket from Moiré Fashion from the back.


I adore that look with those allover cut out trousers (awsm!).


So into this rose bouquet. lol


Cheers to this fashion key piece. You see – Fur rules the fashion world currently.


Gold & khaki. Embroidery & fur details.




2in1 – by night:
Fur-ious style – XL fur jacket á la shaggy bear

For the night look, I just switched the jacket – and

transformed myself
from a Bohéme (with fur detail)
to a (complete) fur-ious after-hour queen
(lol again).

I styled the basic look with a XL fur jacket á la shaggy bear (reminds me of it). You know this jacket already from the winter trends post:

Check out the fur-ious look:

The XL fur is a perfect contrast to the tight basic look.


Gold, black & fur.


This sofa at Moiré Fashion is too lovely.


Gold girl.


Here is the whole look.


Trending detail alert! I also wore net tights.


We just found this and for sure I had to sit in there – Christmas bulb joy!


The furry jacket is super cozy, so the many holes in my trousers are not a big deal in winter at all.


Detail: black choker with a bow and golden bling bling.




How do you like the selfmade cutouts trousers?
And how do you like the bohemian and fur-ious outfit options?




Thank you for the support, Moiré Fashion Innsbruck.


Sara Erb
Sara Erb

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