The „Princess Velvet“ look: POSH & ROYAL with noble VELVET & a golden CROWN

As a child, I always wanted to be a princess (who didn’t? lol). Thanks to the trending material of this winter – velvet – I can be one or at least I can dress like one/feel like one. Lady Sara on the go woohoo!

Velvet is beside of leather the trend material of the season and very suitable for winter, because it is a

rich material with a big comfort factor.

… a very big comfort factor (you can even chill on trees).


Additionally, velvet gives you a very intense luxury moment due to the fact, that it was part of the royals‘ etiquette back at a time to dress up in rich and wealthy purple or red velvet.

Velvet is indeed the material of
queens, kings, princes and –> princesses. 

Trying to look arrogant here (royal badass yaaaaassss).


And well, it is true, that,

if you are wearing velvet,
you feel precious!

Princess vibes.





Your royalty, Lady Sara

Okay, so just for this blog post, let me play the princess role, aight? (Could be worse – what if I’d wanted to be a queen?!)

Here’s a super royal video (may you laugh):



After this very posh performance, let’s continue with the outfit:

I styled the „PRINCESS VELVET“ look with
black leather trousers,
a royal blue velvet top with lace, 
a opulent grey fake fur jacket,
black velvet ankle boots with leather tip

and a Moschino bag in Rosé with golden detail.


Here are lots of pictures for you:

Walk of Royalty.




Detail pro:
Matching top & eye shadow
NOT to forget the CROWN

For my eye lids, I used the same colour to shadow my eyes as my top has.

Adjusting is everything!


For the ultimate royalty factor, I put a golden rigid on my head, that reminds you of a little crown (It has peaks as you can see it in the picture below).

Coronated princess.
With that ‚crown‘ I can act quite royal (reminds me a bit of Blair Waldorf).





Velvet all over:
Top and Shoes

I chose velvet for this rich and royal look not just for the top, but also for the shoes! And you may remember this shoe: It was the „shoe of the month“ October.

Here’s the article for you, so you can update your memory 😉

Velvet & leather in pure harmony.
Grey, blue, black, rosé.


Do you like this look as much as I do?

Wouldn’t you love to be a princess? Or rather a queen? (Or prince/king for all the male readers right here! Sorry to exclude you from this narrative, but while we – the girls – wanted to be princesses in our childhood, you preferred to wish to be a firefighter, policeman or farmer (We have never got that so far, however). I guess, it is not a big deal to not play out the „wish to be a prince“-Card here, right?).

What do you think of those gloomy colours?


Leave a comment!



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Sara Erb

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