Do it yourself: UNDER-THE-BOTTOM CUT-OUTS upgrade your trousers!

There are some clothes in my closet, which I actually really don’t like. Mostly, it is because of one of those three reasons:

  1. They are uncomfortable or get it during a long day. E.g.: Trousers don’t stay where they should, hang loose down your legs, don’t look sexy anymore and you seem losing your pants, while walking.
  2. The pass form is horrid. E.g.: Your top slips around and shows your boobs every ten minutes and you always have to remind yourself of checking your decolleté – super annoying.
  3. I just don’t like them ANYMORE. E.g.: Mostly, that happens, when I am hunting a trend, which I wouldn’t wear for usual. When the trend is over, I am done with the piece as well. (I have already improved to NOT consume fashion like this.)


So what doing with clothes,
I am not into and
which I am therefore neither wearing?

I use those clothes to experiment a little with cuts and new designs 😉



DIY with clothes, which aren’t that comfy anyway

In this case, I am talking about rosé trousers, which I don’t like because of reason 1 AND 2.

They are a) far too wide at the hips (okay, I solved that problem with a belt), but b) short. And we are talking about exactly that length, which is not long enough to count as long trousers and not short enough to count as 7/8 trousers. So the uncool length.

As a result, they absolutely don’t fit at all and hang down my butt like a nappy, when I am walking (when I am standing and pulling them back up again, they look great).




1. Jack Sparrow frays at the Ends

To solve the length problem, I shortened the trousers to make them stylish.

I cut undefined frays á la Jack Sparrow to spice the trousers up!

So now they have a lovely length and they are perfect for stylings with lovely socks now.




2. Under-the-bottom cut-outs

Somehow the trousers were boring. So I ripped the trousers on both sides at the back, right under the bottom.

The cut-outs, I have created, are subtile, but really sexy.

I love those cut-outs,
because they make those trousers, I have never worn,
an elevator piece in my wardrobe now!


I styled the

rosé trousers with DIY-upgrade

with black block heel ankle boots, a black shopper and decorated the bag with a flower print scarf.


Try it yourself with clothes, you are not into that much! After cutting around a little, you will love them!

And if not, it is not a big loss anyway for you.



How do you like the backside under-the-butt cut-outs?










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