Autumn trends: colour blocking, sexy leather, velvet & metallic chic


All pictures by: Klaus Maislinger

I love summer. It is my favourite time of the year, but it is over now. Autumn is knocking on our doors and is gifting us with some interesting trends this year.




Block it for good


It is quite likely, that in the

season, in which nature loses all its beautiful colours,
we counteract with COLOUR.

And well, this Season we fight for a bright Fashion wear and go for colour blocking!





Three years ago, combining red with pink was a total

„uhhhh, no!“, now it is a „ohhhh, yeah!“.

Time changes quickly.

For the SILLPARK fotoshooting I combined

a lilac Pullover with a red down jacket …
colour blocking at its best!


Why at its best?

Because RED is the trend colour of the season,

it gives us strength for the cold days
and brings energy to us.

So blocking with red is the best thing you can do in my opinion.




Metallic chic on my feet

I have already written about it, so you might know this trend already:



It is all about metallics and outer space this season!





So this means:

silver stuff everywhere!

Although I am more the golden girl, I am super into the metallic chic this season.

Beside the futuristic style the romantic side with barock elements like pearls is liked to be seen this autumn as well.


So the best thing to do is

to combine
sparkling silver
with romantic pearls.




Those shoes are kind of an elevator piece and bring the whole outfit to a stunning level. The colour blocking and the metallic shoes are eye-catching enough, so I chose  simple black leather trousers to finish the look.

And this black leather trousers,

which fit to literally everything thank to their simplicity,

lead us to the next trend this season …





Sexy leather, erotic vibes – the impact of „50 shades of Grey“

Oh la la, we all remember „50 shades of Grey“ and „50 shades darker“. And let’s be honest: Somehow we liked it. Frankly speaking it is obvious, because

how could the sexy leather styles from the film
influence the fashion world otherwise that much??

The trend material of this season iiiiiis:


leather! (next to velvet, but let’s talk about that later).


And that is too kind from all the designers out there, because

now we are all able to live the shades-of-Grey-dream.



Doesn’t matter, if leather trousers, leather skirt or leather jacket – as long as it is made out of leather it is great! And supersexy.



So this autumn is full of colours,
metallic vibes
and sexy leather.

And the best is yet to come, because it gets even more seductive!






Sensual in velvet

Some say, cord is the new velvet, but all the shops tell us better.

Velvet is still trendy as f***!



To give the sexy look a sensual touch, I chose black boots in velvet. They are ankled and without heel, so they are casual AND seductive.

Velvet combined with leather
is THE seduction-material-mix anyway.
Here we go, Anastasia Steele!







Sweater like us! Red is for energy!


Last but not least – the trend colour of this season is definitely RED. Makes sense actually, because it gets colder and we need an energy alternative now, when sun is getting rare.


Red makes a good job giving us power for the season!


For mixing the whole sexy and seductive thing up a little, I finished the look with a red cropped sweater. That, because

sweaters (preferably in Red and cropped) are also trendy,

but sweaters are trending each autumn anyway, because they are just cozy and easy to wear.


So sweaters are a PERMATREND,
just like trenchcoats in spring!



How do you like the trends of this season?
And how did you like the outfits? How would you style the trends?
And are you pro or contra for the „50 shades of Grey“ films?
Let me know in the comments or on my insta!



With kind support from the shopping centre SILLPARK and Primark.



Here’s the link to the NEXT Magazine, check out PAGE 21!!! (It is in German though)


And here’s additional a Screenshot


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