Metallic chic & leopard touch: We wanna experience outer space & the power of big cats


In Austria autumn is already present, so I decided last weekend to go to Italy once again to feel „la dolce vita“ one more time this year. It was extremely hot, it had i think 37 degrees, but I loved it.

I am totally a summer girl <3

When I had been in the old town of Rimini, I was

overwhelmed by all the
historic beautiful places,
old buildings and
great architecture.






For sure, my friends and I spotted out a hilarious place, where we could take some pictures. #realtourists

We chose a lovely little fountain just next to the dome. There was no water in it, but who cared anyway.










Metallic chic en vogue

You may all remember

Chanel’s outrageous fashion show
with the rocket, that got really fired (!).

Well, that was the beginning of the outer space trend, i guess.

It is all about

metallic styles,
outer space motives,
silver details and
futuristic looks.





The power of big cats


So I styled my high-waisted animal print shorts, which are super comfortable by the way, with a metallic crop-top.

The animal print channels my inner big cat somehow,
and i feel powerful and strong. Roar!

The combination of brown with silver gave the outfit an interesting touch,

that spreads simplicity in a very catchy way. 

Metallic chic and animal print combined is definitely a GO!





„Whatever!“ – Statement clutch is a NEED

Since fashion got political (honestly it has always been, just more subtle),

statement prints are trendy as f***.

To not exaggerate (because the crop-top is getting enough attention in my opinion), I didn’t put lots of accessories on, which I actually love to do, but if it has 37 degrees, you aren’t into decorate yourself like a christmas tree.

So I styled the look with a simple black clutch with the print „WHATEVER“ on it.

For sure it fits perfectly not just to the outfit, but also to the italian flair.

Italians don’t take life too serious,

the „whatever“-mindset
helps to be just happy,
get an easy way of living and

enjoy summer, sun & love.

We should all do it like they do it. Love you, Italy <3





Gold AND silver? Let’s stick to „Whatever“!

To have another black piece, I emphasized the look with the clutch with black Ipanema-sandals with golden ornaments on it.

I played a little with the
big tabu of combining gold and silver accessories or details.

I don’t understand the tabu, because if you styled it well, it would look just gorgeous and gives the details more dynamic. And by the way, gold and silver are versatile colours, so you can combine them however you want anyway.




So let’s live the easy life,
enjoy all the experiences we have,
smile, laugh,
eat a lot and
love even more, because that’s what we are here for I guess.





Here is the Making of Video from our shooting at the little italian fountain:


My babe Evelyn taking pictures of me.
How do you like the outfit and the Making Of Video?
Do you love the metallic chic as well?
Tell me in the comments!!



Sara Erb
Sara Erb

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