My dirndl style at „Almrauschparty“ in Kitzbühel + society pics

Glam glam all over here, guys!

In this post, I am showing you my dirndl style, which I have worn at „Almrauschparty“ – THE society event in Kitzbühel.

It is high above, in „Rosi’s Sonnbergstub’n“, and there you get glamour, vodka in coconuts and the typical Tyrolean alpine vibes.




The look:

heartshaped & golden

My dirndl is made out of a thick golden fabric, pimped with little cute red hearts and an heart-shaped braid on my chest.





the detail-loaded apron

The apron is red as the dirndl details – with a forest green ribbon, which is bound around my waist.





basic black details

The dirndl is quite an eyecatcher, so I decided to style it with very basic accessoires. I put on black fringe earrings, I wore black high heels with lacing at the front and a black Chloé bag, which fits to everything anyway.






The society:

Oh la la, for sure there was a massive range of VIPs and stars! Here are pictures for you with some of them, maybe you know them 😉

PS: Andreas Gabalier was there as well, but frankly speaking I didn’t even try to talk to him, because all the people hunted him like wolves (that is not even that much exaggerating, sad enough).

But the biggest star was Rosi herself with her super cute pink dirndl
(look at HER apron please! Her apron is embroidered with colourful bugs).

Rosi, hostess of the „Almrauschparty“ location in Kitzbühel


model and DJane Micaela Schäfer


reality TV stars Hubert Fella and Matthias Mangiapane


book blogger and my dear friend Evelyn Unterfrauner



So it was really fun being at the „Almrauschparty“ in Kitzbühel – by the way the original one!

Although you needed at least one designer piece to be part of this society (ultra superficial lol), it was a great night in Kitzbühel. Although the taxi ride up and down there was a tough thing to survive (curvy and wild ways). Nevertheless, I’d definitely go there again.



All my love,



Sara Erb
Sara Erb

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