Understatement on my head – with pink flowers

Hi, loves!

50s are on and I am gonna introduce you my very James Dean inspired look today.





Why I like the look:

Because hairbands are trendy and hair towels are a bit part of the gender, religion and women debate and discours.

You know, I tend to be a feminist, so

I like to wear controversial looks or
at least fashion, that stands up for an opinion,
that symbolizes something.


Most of the time, I want, that my fashion symbolizes the freedom to be. The independency, we nowadays all have thank to emancipation and equality.

Although equality is a big thing to say, and I know, we are still far away from being equal, especially when it comes to salary or women’s rights, we’ve come a long way till now.

Either you do it for religion or for fashion, if you want to wear a headscarf or a hair towel (I am putting this together, because it is the same discourse, which people are discussing about), then do it.

We are free enough to wear, whatever we want. And if it is a headscarf/hair towel/hair band/whatever, then fine.








Oh yes, pink!

Right, maybe you have noticed that: I am wearing pink lip stick here. Usually I am more the labello or nude lip balm type, but I liked the lip colour for this look

and PINK is un understatement, babes 😉



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