Power, strength & independency: PINK as an understatement!


Some say, autumn is the beginning of the grey days of the year, but actually autumn is beautifully colorful with all its red, orange and yellow leaves. So who said, this time is gonna be boring?

We have such a lovely weather these days, which is great for me, because the nicer the weather, the more I am into wearing pretty cool stuff (When we have minus degrees in Austria, I like to wear cozy and snuggly stuff – I guess, everyone does). Although Red is the trend color of the season, I chose a PINK elevator Piece for this look, which symbolizes much more than we would expect from a bright colored fashion piece.

And statements are trending.
The obvious as much as the subtle ones.




Pink is for Power

Since the Women’s March girls and women all over the world are conscious of empowering themselves. Women are strong. We got the power! The world needs girls. The future is female. You can read it everywhere – and I love it. Since then the color Pink has got a total diverse meaning as it had before. It was a little girl’s color, the color of Barbie, but now it stands for women’s strength and power.

If you wear Pink now,
you wear it for a reason.
It is an understatement.


„I am strong and proud to be a woman.“


„I’m powerful & independent.
I run my world.
And I also am sensual and gracious.“



I bought this pink coat, which you see in the pictures, at Zara, and I adore it since the first day. Now even more, because

it stands for something. For us women. 

And I adore fashion with a meaning.





How I styled the pink understatement coat


The pink coat draws attention to itself. Therefore I didn’t add more colors to the look. I am wearing grey high-waisted linen trousers, which have got great movement! The trousers have a sewn-in waist belt, which underlines this part of the body and accentuates the X-silhouette, I create with this pieces.








Additionally I wore a black ruffled off-shoulder croptop with a bra, which has crossed straps at the back (I liked the style). And black ankle boots with net socks.




For the detailing,

I chose a rosé Moschino bag, opulent ear rings with sparkling jewels and a

black choker,
made of suede
with a bow and
another sparkling gemstone.  





The X-silhouette

The X-silhouette is known as the super sexy silhouette for women (see Marilyn Monroe e.g.). So by shaping my body like an X with the consciousness of doing an understatement by wearing a pink coat, I wanted to play with stereotypes and conventional habits.

I picked a top with ruffles, which stand for playfulness and cuteness, for the same reason and continued the game with opulent earrings. „Diamonds are a girl’s best friend“ really puts us into the „superficial, bribable corner“ and doesn’t make us very strategic and intelligent. Which doesn’t mean, that we shouldn’t like diamonds. But

most of us (at least I guess!) aren’t women, who
find fulfilment by
getting gifted with expensive jewelry. 


The hourglass figure stands for the classic, stereotypical female. It says, that women are beautiful and seductive. They are sensual and their physical (!) attributes are hard to resist for men.

So we women are physically great, but not more. That was the message somehow. Nice objects.
Thank God, this has changed!





Conventionally independent & physically seductive: We are both!

By wearing a pink coat, which stands for the „new“ role of women nowadays (strong, powerful, independent, the list with expressive attributes is fortunately long by now) AND combining this understatement with an X-shaped look,

I connected the
conventional independency and social worth of us women
with our
sexual and sensual attributes.






Because we are both.

We are not just seductive objects, but we aren’t just career-obsessed machines either. We are it both and that is great.











Check out my first Youtube-Video!



Sara Erb
Sara Erb

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