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Although he is quite melancholic, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is one of my favourite poets. And I am really into „Faust I“, so you can imagine, how thrilled I was, when I got to know, that there is a theatre premiere of „Faust I“ in the theatre in Innsbruck – awesome!

I had to go there and see the dramatic fate of poor doctor Faustus,
who made a deal with the devil – a Faustian pact.

(As you see, literally. How funny is that?! In English a deal with the devil is even named after the poor guy! Goethe, your influence is overwhelming.)




Sophisticated style is a must – Kimono time

In the theatre, a elegant and sophisticated style is a total must in my opinion. With opulent stylings you can bring back the atmosphere of gone ages (for sure not in the way, people in the Rococo era were dressing up, but at least kind of. Actually I would love to wear crinolines and extravagant wigs for occasions like those, but dressing up like Marie Antoinette at carnevals is fine as well).

You can feel the aura of luxury, wealth and royalty. 

So for sure I dressed up in a very opulent way. Therefore at the moment I guess there is nothing which would suit better for an elegant style than a kimono coat!

Kimonos are

a) super trending now and

b) an elevator piece because of their

brash pattern,
which means, you can
stick to simple basics underneath the coat,
because the coat
plays the main role anyway.






Elevator Piece:
Adorable satin in Babyblue and Rosé

The kimono, I wore, is made out of babyblue satin and has

fine metallic silver (trendy!) stitches sewn-in.



The coat is covered with beautiful flowers all over. In fact, that makes you feel

like you inhale the sweet scents of a flower meadow. 








The coat from Beauty Bauer is cut as „oversize“, the shoulders seem enormous in this coat, which for me




empowers a woman as a
strong and independent human being.









Crop it like it’s hot and add some ruffles to your pants


I combined the kimono coat with a black basic croptop, which can’t steal the kimono’s big show, and with black highwaisted pants with ruffles, because… well, I adore ruffles.

So underneath the coat I wore all black.

That is because I didn’t want an overload (although I was tempted referring to the Rococo era styles).




Love Moschino – even more in Rosé

To my outfit I added a Moschino clutch in Rosé with golden wristlets. It fits perfectly to the kimono coat,

the kimono and the Moschino clutch combined
are a perfect match.


I gifted my feet with a beautiful pair of black stilettos with transparent details. They don’t draw too much attention to themselves, but are still special (I got them from Zara).





Goethes „Faust I“ in the modern era

With all those adorable fashion items I was ready for the theatre premiere and it was great! The tragedy is adapted for young guests as well, the costumes are made with lots of Neon and appear very fancy and freaky. The content of „Faust I“ is set in our modern era.

That makes you see the things,
that happen in the tragedy,
from another perspective.

They seem closer, the events touch you more, you feel for what happens to Faust and Gretchen, because it isn’t something, that „happened in the past“, it might happen right now, because it plays in the modern era.

I loved it –
Goethe’s origin tragedy and
the way they adapted it in Innsbruck. 




How do you like the look?
Are you into kimonos? Yay or Nay?
And have you read „Faust I“ at school or university? Did you like it?




Thank you, Beauty Bauer in Schwaz in Tyrol and Maya Schwitzer for the support.


Sara Erb
Sara Erb

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