Red neoprene trenchcoat & dotted wellies for spring!


Hey, my loves!

Spring is finally on and though some rainy days are yet to come, we can now stock our winter coats and boots and welcome spring-like fashion items!

I have been at Moiré Fashion in Innsbruck lately and got myself a super special outfit for spring – with lots of powerful Red (trending!). #hearmeroar

For sure, I chose a look with lots of spring trends included. So here are the most important trends and must-have items for spring!




The trends in this outfit:


At Moiré Fashion in Innsbruck, they have very bright colours for spring right now (check it out here, that is their homepage: ).

A permatrend in spring is definitely our beloved trenchcoat!

Red is still a Go this season, preferably as bright and strong as possible. Therefore I chose – surprise, surprise! – a RED TRENCHCOAT. #2in1

This red trenchcoat includes another trend as well, because the material is neoprene, which is a often used material in the new designer collections for this season.

As well,

the cut of this trenchcoat is
and that is so so SO trending right now, OMG!

You actually have to have this trenchcoat, seriously, guys! 😀




The trends in this outfit:


The hat of the spring season is pretty french and I love it. Berets are ruling our heads and the cute and feminine hat is

a lovely AND fashionable ear warmer
for a season, in which winds can still be pretty uncomfy.

I chose a denim blue beret, because it suits perfectly to the polka dots on the scarf and the jeans for sure.

Waist belts are still a thing and I like them anyway, because

they offer us women a great silhouette,
with which we can perfect
our feminine attributes.

I styled the waist belt to a plain and basic white tee with puffs on the shoulders (in tulle! so ballerina!).





WELLIES from Joules / with POLKA DOTS

It is time for a new shoe of the month (I am very careless with the „shoe of the month“ category, I know, sorry, guys)! For spring, my shoe of the month is a clear thing: wellies!

The gum shoes are perfect for versatile weathers in March and April.

I chose a pair in black with colourful polka dots on it and a pink stripe at the back side. I got them as well from Moiré Fashion by the way (they also have ones up to the knees).

To bring back the polka dots a second time within this look, I styled the outfit with a dotted scarf in the colours of the look. #matching

OUTTAKE – It was pretty cold by the way, we had minus three on this day! #toughlasaraleona


So guys, with those items you are ready for a also sometimes rainy spring! You get the whole look (except the beret and the clutch) at Moiré Fashion in Innsbruck, so happy shopping and happy spring time!

With especially the
you grab three trends in one
and draw all the attention, you can get, on you!

Dress to impress, my loves!


Thank you, Moiré Fashion, for the beautiful outfit and your support!
Sara Erb
Sara Erb

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