Better overkneed than understyled – how to be controversial

Hello, lovely people!

Here’s to us ladies now:

It has been International Women’s Day lately, so still cheers to this!

We women are empowered by our independency, by our attitude, by self-confidence and self-made freedom.

We rule our own businesses, our own lifes, our own worlds.


Part of the emancipation and „femme en vogue“ deal is, that we can do and WEAR whatever we want to.

We are keener on trying unconventional styles out and following fashion trends, which might be controversial or/and provocative. Good! That is exactly, how it should be, how society should be.


Let people be, who they are and let’em dress like they feel to. No prejudice, no judging.

By being an individual part of this world,
we can inspire so many people.
By following, we don’t.
The real Lion King is a SHE, remember? So be one, babes!


For this look, I also chose a controversial styling. Cute prints & sexy overknees? OH YES!

Fact is:
Better be overkneed than understyled, girls!
That is how you rock the road 😉




Cute prints & sexy overknees

You might have noticed, that cute prints just like unicorns or watermelons are a big thing on tees or pullovers.

So for this look, I styled
an oversized pullover with a smiling rainbow on it
– the cute part –
with black tights and suede/vinyl overknees
– the controversial part.


This year, overknees are still very trending, so cheers to all the clever fashionista ladies, who have invested in a pair of this trend item. I combined the cute pullover and the sexy shoes with a black, cozy teddycoat and a hat with sewn-in golden letters, which say „Sara“, on it. #saymyname

Last, but not least, I decided to grab my black Moschino mini bag – for the glam factor, you know 😉


So be proud to be a woman and wear, whatever you want! Rock the road by being controversial. Why? Because we can.

All my love and Happy International Women’s Day again!




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