Christmas gift idea: winter survival kit from Lush


Hello, my loves! In two weeks, there’s Christmas! I am pretty much part of the ones, who shop their gifts very late, so I guess, some of you fancy some Christmas gift inspiration as well (as I am always happy to get some ideas from someone either) 😉

I thought about a gift, which is adorable AND functional. So at Lush, I found, what I needed. In winter, our skin has a tough time. It doesn’t get much moisturizing, the cold dries our skin and also our hair. Not enough, our teint is kinda pale. Well, in my case, without rouge, I’d look like a ghost 😀

So why not gifting your beloved ones with a WINTER SURVIVAL KIT?

Christmas gift idea: The winter survival kit

I created a winter survival kit with 3 things, we all need in winter to moisturize or treat our body well. The three things are the following:

  •  for the hair / moisturizing hair cream
  •  for the skin / body peeling with mint scents
  •  for the teint / bronzing lotion

#1 moisturizing hair cream / Haarpflegecreme

In winter, our poor hair has a lot to carry. Due to the frost, it gets dry very quickly. To protect your hair, you can use Lush’s „R&B hair cream“.

It is a real treat for your hair, containing avocado butter, oat milk, olive oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil. It smells like orange and jasmine flowers. The cream has a revitalizing effect on your hair.

Perfect CHRISTMAS GIFT idea for everyone, who’s hair has issues with frosty season!

rich butter for your hair.
massage the butter in your hair tips.
love the scent of orange and jasmine flowers in your hair and enjoy your moisturized tips.

#2 body peeling with mint scents / Duschpeeling mit Minzduft

Uuuugh, we all know this problem in winter: dry skin. Especially our legs‘ skin is dry and dehydrated. But this body peeling – called „Magic Crystals“ – can help you out!

Use it under the shower with warm water, scrub your skin, especially the dry parts – it moisturizes your skin, hydrates it due to the refreshing scents of mint and makes your skin look healthy again!

PS. Its color is lilac! #awesome

#3 bronzing butter / pflegende Körperbutter mit Bräunungseffekt

Alright, so our hair tips are well protected from the cold so far and our skin is moisturized and soft. But what about our teint? In winter, we barely catch sun and that is exactly, how we look like: pale.

Well, somehow, some people (including me) look kinda scary without a „kiss of summer“ in their face. Like a ghost. Too pale. It almost seems sick. To give our skin a shine, I have chosen „Black Stockings“ for all the pale ones out there, who want some extra glow in the icy season.

The bronzing butter is multifunctional:

  • You can either use the bronzing butter for your skin to give it a sun kissed touch.
  • Or you can also use it as rouge or for contouring!
to give the skin a sunkissed touch.
to use it as rouge or for contouring.

With these 3 beauty products, you will for sure survive winter!

Merry XMAS to all of you!


Many thanks to Lush for this gorgeous gifts, I was chosen to try out. I love your products and the values, you do this for and would recommend all of your products, because it feels good buying them. No animal testing, all handmade, all natural. You are fair and that is great.

Sara Erb
Sara Erb

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