Urban Cinderella with glassy boots

Urban Cinderella: Being a princess, was a dream from all of us girls, I guess. At least, when we were children. (Well, sometimes I am still dreaming of being picked up with a carriage and wearing glass heels)

At least the latter is a thing, I can realise for sure. May I introduce you my gorgeous white boots with glassy block heel! (so in love!) Had my Cinderella moment, when Zalando knocked on my door 😉


The urban twist

Still, we are living in 2019, so being a princess is not necessarily connected with a strict dresscode, such as a dreamy long dress with glitter and long gloves. No no, we bring in the urban twist, I’d say 😉

So here is my urban styled „princess“ look:


[smartslider3 slider=10]



Like? Well, I for sure do have some more urban cinderella pics for you:

A velvet cape thrills me.


Strolling through the city in my cinderella boots 😉


white boots with glassy block heel.


feel the city spirit!




And the moral of this story?

You don’t need a shiny dress for feeling like a princess.
You just need the attitude of one! (well, and as an add-on glassy block heels)



You like those urban chic looks? HERE is another one for you! 😉


xx Sara


PS: Those gorgeous pictures were made by my talented friend Katrin Zöhr @knipsdichgluecklich 🙂

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