What does your shoe type say about you? 7 types, 7 girls!

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‚Give a woman the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.‘

Marilyn Monroe

What Marilyn Monroe said decades ago is still a rule. But the ‚right shoe‘ is different for every type of woman. Every girl has its own „go for“ shoe type. Some like flats more than heels, some prefer simplicity, others need the excentric touch on their feet. But what does the choice of your shoes say about you? What is the message to the world? There are tons of different types of shoes, let’s stick to the most common ones.


You love to wear stilettos?

Then you are very self-confident. You like it the elegant way, you love eye-catching moments and when all eyes are on you. You have an extravagant sense of style. But you can be catty to reach goals, because you are focused and a real business warrior. „I can do it all – and in stiletto heels.“

Your appearance is important for you. If you are into designer stilettos, you might seem superficial, but you stand over that. You are seen as a person with lots of competence.

Men’s opinion:

You like to brag and that might let you appear arrogant sometimes. However, you get what you want. We like strong and powerful women.


You are self-confident, but practical. You really like to show feminine power, therefore you like heels on your feet, but you don’t want to be handicapped at work with stilettos (pain in the feet, which forces you to put the shoes off and so on). The wedge lets you appear less arrogant than in stilettos – but also unfortunately a little less competent.

Men’s opinion:

Wedges are not very elegant, but comfortable, we guess. They let you walk very self-confidently, because your heel supports your feet more (at least that’s what we think). And we like self-confident women.


If you love to wear biker boots, you are incredibly cool and you think in a practical way. “Function first!” Biker boots let you appear easy and uncomplicated. You are a do-girl and an effective worker.

Sometimes you are a tomboy, but definitely always a leader.

Often you like Rock music as well. You go your way with the power of Rock on your feet! Therefore you seem very competent.

You can do it all – no ‚weather‘ what, because biker boots will survive every storm, just like you. You are not the high society type though and neither into superficial talks. Because you are a rebell child.

Men’s opinion:

Women with biker boots have a rocky style and we guess, they feel like rock stars too. Therefore you really seem confident.


You love ankle boots?

Well, then read the biker boot type and add lots of glamour to it! You want to be the elegant and feminine version of the effective worker and do-girl with biker boots. High society events and communication in every form is a thing for you. You work effectively while being sexy and elegant.

Men’s opinion:

Ankle boots are basic and somehow they’re boring. It seems like you don’t want to get out the comfort zone. Additionally those boots are not very trendy at the moment, right? But we have to say, that it depends on the height of the shoe. Ankle boots with heel are much better than flat ones.


If you love love love sneakers, you do it all right at the moment! Years ago this has been the most practical shoe type, but now you are just as fashionable as a woman in stilettos. If not even more than her.

You seem like a very active person with power (maybe from the recent workout?) in your veins. You try to live healthy and you check your nutrition precisely. Therefore you spread lots of energy. You are highly motivated, because thank to the active and healthy You, you live your life in a good Work-Life-Balance. You like to work out right after work. If you tell people in detail your way of life, they might get a bit jealous, because every woman would love to be so active, energized and balanced like you.

Men’s opinion:

Here it depends on the rest of the outfit. If you combine sneakers with training clothes: well… But if you style them with a cool outfit, you look stylish. Originally the sporty look and the stylish look did not belong together. So if the sneakers are styled in a cool way, it shows, that you can bring harmony in contrastive styles. And we just love stylish women. With or without heel.


If you are into ballerinas, you are a little girlie. You want to be a ballerina or a princess in life (Sorry, this does not happen too often).

You seem soft and charming. People like you, especially the ambitious career girls, because you don’t seem to be a big competitor. Ballerina shoes can be elegant and they are for sure easy to put on and off.

You want to reach goals easily without handicaps on your feet, you would never get bitchy or catty for reaching them. At the moment you are unfortunately not trendy with ballerinas.

Men’s opinion:

No to that. You don’t have sex appeal with ballerinas. You seem like you don’t want to be attractive for or seen by guys. These women are focused on the job, but in a geeky way. Ballerinas are boring. Men hate them.


PS: VERY old picture, because frankly speaking for shooting I am never wearing slip-ons.

You love slip-ons?

How couldn’t you, they are so easy to wear. You can put them on quickly and they are flat. This shows that you are practical and an uncomplicated worker.

You don’t like heavy shoes on your feet, you don’t want shoes to bother you during the day. So you are focused and you want to get your to-dos done quickly and effectively. You are motivated like the sneaker type – just a little less active maybe.

With slip-ons you are more girlie than a lady. Thanks to brand Vans though, slip-ons are very popular (again). You are a practical woman, because you can style the shoe sporty or the elegant way.

Thanks to Karl Lagerfeld, who designed a collection with and for Vans, you can be elegant on designer level as well.

If you like this type of shoe, you want it all the easy way and you hate complicated people (but who doesn’t).

Men’s opinion:

You don’t have to lace them, so they are very uncomplicated to wear, so you might be uncomplicated as well. You seem like you don’t want to get overstressed and you take your life easy. We like slip-ons, but we don’t adore them. 

Long story short:

If you are into wedges, ballerinas or ankle boots, you are not on the men’s side, but at least you have comfortable shoes on.

Always-a-go-stilettos are men’s admired type of shoe, and honestly, you really appear more powerful in them, especially when it comes to business.

The biker boot is the cool, anti-glam equivalent to the stiletto. And since athleisure has become trendy (and still is), sneakers and slip-ons are popular as hell. And comfortable. But no matter what shoe you wear, the attitude rules.

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xx Sara


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